PROGRAMME:   Mon. Dec. 11, 2017 @ MPIfR/AIfA
Neutron Stars in Future Research

Session I:   Chair: T. Tauris
11:00-12:30: Highlights and General News on Neutron Stars (new research results)
  T. Tauris - SOC: (Welcome)
  D. Champion: PSR J1757-1854 - The Most Accelerated Binary Pulsar
  J. Martinez: (A Low-Mass Double Neutron Star System)
  Ph. Podsiadlowski: GW170817
  N. Andersson: cancelled
  S. Straal: (Searching for Young, Hidden Pulsars)


Session II:   Chair: N. Langer
13:30-15:30: Accreting Neutron Stars
   * A. Sanna: (Spectral and Timing Properties of Neutron Star Low-Mass X-ray Binaries)
   * M. Quast: (High-Mass X-ray Binaries)
   * M. Kuehnel: (Neutron Star B-fields and Accretion Geometry)
   A.-S. B. Nielsen: (The X-ray Pulsar 2A 1822-371 as a Super-Eddington Source)
   M.R. Kennedy: Do X-ray Bursts Dream of Optical Reprocessing? - Clues from UW CrB


Session III:   Chair: Ph. Podsiadlowski
16:00-18:00: Millisecond Pulsars and their Applications - I
   * R. Eatough: cancelled
   * A. Jaodand: (The Millisecond Pulsar Population)
   * C. Tiburzi: (Probing Magnetized Media with Millisecond Pulsars)
   * H. Middleton: (Pulsar Timing Arrays and Constraints on Massive Black Hole Binaries)

19:00: Dinner at Harmonie - at your own expense.


PROGRAMME:   Tue. Dec. 12, 2017 @ MPIfR/AIfA
Neutron Stars in Future Research

Session IV:   Chair: M. Kramer
9:00-10:30: Millisecond Pulsars and their Applications - II
  * L. Shao: (Testing Strong-Field Gravity with Pulsars and Gravitational Waves)
  * J. Antoniadis: (Millisecond Pulsars as Probes of Binary Stellar Evolution)
  J. McKee: (Giant Pulses from PSR B1937+21 using the Large European Array for Pulsars)
  A. Archibald: (The Triple Millisecond Pulsar J0337+1715: an Update)


Session V:   Chair: W. Becker
11:00-13:00: Supernovae, Young Neutron Stars and the EoS
  * T. Ertl: (Linking Supernovae and Neutron Star Properties)
  * N.-U. Bastian: (Neutron Star Interior Composition and Equation-of-State)
  * A. Pires: (Isolated Neutron Stars in X-rays)
  R. Farmer: (Uncertainties in the Final State of Pre-Supernovae Stars)
  B. Müller: (Towards Neutron Star Birth Properties from 3D Supernova Models)


Session VI:   Chair: J. Antoniadis
14:00-16:00: Neutron Stars as Gravitational Wave Sources
  * M. Kruckow: (Binary Neutron Stars as LIGO Sources)
  * T. Dietrich: (The Multimessenger Picture of Binary Neutron Star Mergers)
  * G. Ashton: (Neutron Stars as Continuous Gravitational Wave Emitters)
  M. Hanauske: (GW Astronomy and the Internal Properties of Hypermassive Neutron Stars)
  S. Banerjee: (Neutron Stars and Black Holes in Dense Stellar Systems)

* = Invited talk (30 min). Contributed talks are 15 min. incl. questions
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