Scientific Organizing Committee:

Michael Kramer (MPIfR)
Norbert Langer (AIfA)
Philipp Podsiadlowski (Oxford)
Thomas Tauris (MPIfR / AIfA)
Werner Becker (MPE, Garching)

tauris (at)
Transport to MPIfR / AIfA in Bonn:

From Bonn/Cologne Airport (25 km):
  - Take airport bus to Bonn central station
  - or take a taxi

From Bonn central station (3 km):
    (busses leave every 10 min.)
  - Bus 610 (direction: Duisdorf Bahnhof)
     get off at "Immenburg"
  - Bus 611 (direction: Lessenich Sportplatz)
     get off at "Immenburg"
  - or take a taxi

Google map of area

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