The dance of stars: dense stellar systems from infant to old



June 2 - 6 2014, Bad Honnef, Germany


List of posters



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Tjarda Boekholt
Does precision matter?


Julien Dorval
Processing binary populations in star clusters


Elena Gavagnin
A critical look at the scenario of merging to explain multi-population GCs


Jaroslav Haas
Two-body relaxation of thin stellar disc around SMBH


Dongming Jin
White Dwarf Binary Statistics in Globular Cluster Simulations by MOCCA


Igor Korsunov
Evolution of OB associations in the Milky Way


Joel Pfeffer
Contribution of stripped nuclear clusters to globular cluster and ultra-compact dwarf galaxy populations


Sebastian Ramirez Alegria
A tale of two projects: MASGOMAS and VVV Stellar Clusters


Steven Rieder
What happens to open clusters in the galaxy?


Dmitrij Semionov
Stellar clusters through the veil of dust


Alessandro A. Trani
The impact of metallicity on the dynamics of young star clusters


Anna Lisa Varri
Early Evolution of Rotating Star Clusters


Anna Lisa Varri
Dynamical Instabilities in Differentially Rotating Stellar Systems


Smriti Vats
X-Ray Vision: Where are the binaries in Collinder 261?


Thomas Wijnen
How efficient is accretion onto a protoplanetary disc?


Brunetto Marco Ziosi
Influence of dynamics and metallicity on the formation and evolution of black hole binaries in star clusters