The dance of stars: dense stellar systems from infant to old



June 2 - 6 2014, Bad Honnef, Germany



The registration for "The dance of stars" (MODEST 14) is closed as of April 14, 2014 14:00 CET. The registration process had to be closed due to substantial over-subscription.



There will be no fee for participating in the conference. See below for the costs of staying and meals.




Living costs


Below are the costs for accommodation within the PBH premises and in the nearby hotels (including all meals and beverages) and instructions for payment. Note that participants opted for staying in hotels will also have their lunch and dinner at the PBH but breakfast at their respective hotels.


Bed + breakfast at PBH (single room) + all meals at PBH: 80 Euro/day
Bed + breakfast at PBH (sharing) + all meals at PBH: 65 Euro/day
Bed + breakfast at Hotel (single room) + all meals at PBH: 95 Euro/day
Only lunch and dinner at PBH: 30 Euro/day



The arrangement for accommodation has been communicated to all the participants. We now request you to kindly transfer the required amount (cost per night x number of nights) to the following bank account before your arrival. Payment after arrival will not increase the amounts but we recommend you to kindly pay beforehand to avoid delays and long queues at the Physics Center. You will receive a receipt of your payment from the desk at the Center. Please contact Kristina Biehl at for any questions regarding your payment.



Transfer details:


Account holder: Universitaetskasse Bonn
Bank: Sparkasse KoelnBonn


Address of account holder (University of Bonn):
Regina-Pacis-Weg 3
D-53113 Bonn


Bank address:
Sparkasse KoelnBonn
Friedensplatz 1-3
53111 Bonn



For transfer from within Germany:
Konto Nr. 57695
BLZ 370 501 98


For transfer from outside Germany:
IBAN: DE08 3705 0198 0000 0576 95


Please provide reference in the transfer as follows:
Reference: PN 73126004, Participant name and/or surname, Name of Institute/University


Important: please provide the correct PN number and your name during the transfter so that we can identify your sum.