The AIfA provides an interactive TeX-environment based on the community edition of Overleaf/Sharelatex. The service does not need a special registration, simply use the shibboleth login with your Uni-ID (only members/students of the University of Bonn are supported!). The data will be stored inside the environment and cannot be accessed from outside. In comparison to the official Overleaf edition we can provide not all features, but these are implemented:

  • data import/export via browser (projects are stored in ZIP-Archives)
  • you can share your project with other members (we actually don't know if there are limits in members)
  • you can use german/english language of the GUI (after a switch you need to login again, so save your data!)

All compilations are limited by 120 seconds. This is due to some problems in the compilation techniques inside overleaf. If a compilation is running in the timeout of 120 seconds the error messages are sometimes weird. But in any case check the output and the error messages.

Login page: