Modules: astro830
Main organizers: Prof.  Dr. Frank BertoldiProf. Dr. Peter Schneider, and Angie Veronica
Main contact for scheduling talks: Angie Veronica

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29.05.23: Public Holiday


Fourth AstroSem session: 05.06.23

Welcome to the homepage of the Seminar on Astronomy and Astrophysics (astro830), a four-credit point elective course in the Master of Astrophysics program at the  Argelander Institute for Astronomy, at the  University of Bonn. Students give a talk and answer relevant questions afterward, based on a recently published research paper, as suggested by the supervisors. Students should discuss the topic, the content, and the presentation with their supervisor before giving it.

If you are having trouble finding a topic this semester please email Angie Veronica before the registration deadline to help you resolve this. 

Time and Place
Mondays, 14.00 ---> 15.30, Lecture Hall 0.012, AIfA.

The AstroSem introductory session will be on Monday the 17th of April 2023 at 14.00. The talks cannot be scheduled before the de-registration date (24.04.2023). The latest date available for scheduling a talk this semester is 10.07.2023. Please note: exceptionally want to stay at a different time and/or place, please check the timetable below!

Students:   read your guide
Supervisors   read your guide

Very important: Registration happens on the e-Campus webpage.

Very important: for this seminar course, the allowed registration and de-registration deadlines occur very early in the semester (registration  17.04.2023; de-registration 24.04.2023). Please be careful and do not miss them.

Very important: Every student should read the guidelines (see above). Email requests will not be answered if the answers are already given on the AstroSem pages.

Time table

 Contact person for scheduling talks:  Angie Veronica

Student SupervisorTalk dateArticleUnavailability 
Christopher Cameron Lörler  Dr. Kaustuv moni Basu 12.06Doppler Boosted Dust Emission and Cosmic Infrared Background-Galaxy Cross-Correlations: A New Probe of Cosmology and Astrophysics03.07, 10.07
Subarna Chaki Dr. Kaustuv moni Basu05.06A deep learning approach to infer galaxy cluster masses from Planck Compton-y parameter maps03.07, 10.07
Dr. Matteo CataneoDES Y3 cosmic shear down to small scales: constraints on cosmology and baryons 
Mahek Kasim Dange Prof. Dr. Thomas Reiprich22.05Chemical enrichment of the ICM within the Virgo cluster - I. Radial profiles
Gervit Kumar TrehanDr. Emilio Romano Diaz22.05The Physical Thickness of Stellar Disks to z ∼ 205.06
Lukas Malte Hof
Dr. Emilio Romano Diaz10.07Exploring the intrinsic scatter of the star-forming galaxy main sequence at redshift 0.5 to 3.0 05.06
Swarangee Saraf Dr. Lucas Porth15.05A non-standard Halo Mass Function as a solution to the structure-growth tension, application to KiDS-1000 and DES-y3 24.04, 19.06
Asit DaveDr. Lucas Porth 22.05Higher-order statistics of the large-scale structure from photometric redshifts24.04, 19.06
Survi Kumari Dr. Abel Schootemeijer19.06Strong Variability in AzV 493, an Extreme Oe-Type Star in the SMC
Jonathan Oel
Prof. Dr. Peter Schneider08.05Strong gravitational lensing's `external shear' is not shear
Irene Zangrandi  Prof. Dr. Thomas Reiprich26.06The gravitational field of X-COP galaxy clusters
Sanket Bangar Dr. Dario Colombo12.06The Galactic dynamics revealed by the filamentary structure in atomic hydrogen emission
Zuzanna Michalska
Dr. Dario Colombo 15.05On the quenching of star formation in observed and simulated central galaxies: evidence for the role of integrated AGN feedback
Prathamesh IngaleDr. Paulo Freire03.07 A two-solar-mass neutron star measured using Shapiro delay
Wajdee Chayeb Dr. Florian Pacaud19.06Simulating the LOcal Web (SLOW): I. Anomalies in the local density field
Alpish Srivastava
Dr. Florian Pacaud05.06The evolving cluster cores: Putting together the pieces of the puzzle
Elena Silvestre Roselló Prof. Dr. Peter Schneider08.05Abell 1201: detection of an ultramassive black hole in a strong gravitational lens
Jannick Schulze
PD Dr. Jürgen Kerp
03.07Radio and γ-ray Evidence for the Supernova Origin of High-velocity Cloud Complex M
Nayab Gohar
Dr. Paulo Freire10.07Relativistic Measurements from Timing the Binary Pulsar PSR B1913+16
David Leonhard
Dr. Sambaran Banerjee
19.06Populating the Black Hole Mass Gaps in Stellar Clusters: General Relations and Upper Limits09.05, 10.07
Alexander Morelli
PD Dr. Jürgen Kerp10.07
Detection of Dust in High-velocity Cloud Complex C-Enriched Gas Accreting onto the Milky Way
Rishi Kumar
Dr. Sambaran Banerjee12.06Symmetry Breaking in Dynamical Encounters in the Disks of Active Galactic Nuclei09.05, 10.07
Kamalpreet KaurProf. Dr. Frank Bertoldi
26.06Blue monsters. Why are JWST super-early, massive galaxies so blue?
Prof. Dr. Frank BertoldiH I intensity mapping with MeerKAT: power spectrum detection in cross-correlation with WiggleZ galaxies