Module astro830. Organizers: Prof.  Frank Bertoldi, Zein Bazzi


Welcome to the four-credit point Seminar on Astronomy and Astrophysics (astro830) in the Master of Astrophysics program at the Argelander-Institute for Astronomy.

Students present a talk based on a recently published research paper  selected by professors and research staff at the AIfA.  Students must discuss the research topic, the paper content, and their presentation with their respective supervisor before their presentation.

Time and Place:  Mondays, 14.00 to ca. 15.30, Lecture Hall 0.012, AIfA

The AstroSem introductory session was on Monday 16.10.23 at 14.00, where the papers were briefly introduced (list below). Students shall have a close look at them in the week following and express their interest in two papers via email to the respective supervisor by Friday 20 October. The papers will assigned after that date.

The talks will be scheduled for after the de-registration date 25.10.2023.
The latest date available for scheduling a talk this semester is 29.01.2024

Students and advisors should read the guidelines.  Do also read the guides to good seminar talks linked below!

Please register on basis for this seminar course: the registration and de-registration deadlines are very early in the semester (registration  22.10.2023; de-registration 25.10.2023). No late registrations will be possible!

List of possible papers 

Supervisor (dates unavailable) - Student - Paper title and link. 

  1. Andrina Nicola -  Held - Neutrino mass constraint from an Implicit Likelihood Analysis of BOSS voids 
  2. Sambaran Banerjee - Torkamani - Characterization of the stochastic signal originating from compact binary populations as measured by LISA
  3. Frank Bertoldi / Christos Karoumpis -  Schulz - H I intensity mapping with MeerKAT: power spectrum detection in cross-correlation with WiggleZ galaxies
  4. Thomas Reiprich (23.11.) -  Alt - X-ray surface brightness and gas density profiles of galaxy clusters up to 3 × R500c with SRG/eROSITA
  5. Alex Eggemeier (13.11) - Hansen - Ho’oleilana: An individual baryon acoustic oscillation?
  6. Dario Colombo - Biju - Star formation near the Sun is driven by expansion of the Local Bubble
  7. Mallory Thorpe - Schuchmann - LoTSS Jellyfish Galaxies. IV. Enhanced Star Formation on the Leading Half of Cluster Galaxies and Gas Compression in IC3949
  8. Kaustuv Basu - Schüler - Disentangling the Faraday rotation sky
  9. Abel Schootemeijer - Ostermann - Constraints on the multiplicity of the most massive stars known: R136 a1, a2, a3, and c
  10. Emilio Romano-Diaz - Zinnkann - J0107a: A Barred Spiral Dusty Star-forming Galaxy at z=2.467
  11. Emilio Romano-Diaz - Benna - Morphologies of Galaxies at z>9 Uncovered by JWST/NIRCam Imaging: Cosmic Size Evolution and an Identification of an Extremely Compact Bright Galaxy at z∼12    
  12. Florian Pacaud - Sanders - The outskirts of A1795: Probing gas clumping in the intracluster medium
    Kovács et al. 2023
  13. Florian Pacaud - NN - Prospects of detecting soft X-ray emission from typical WHIM filaments around massive  clusters and the Coma cluster soft excess
  14. Gunther Witzel - Maas - Polarimetry and astrometry of NIR flares as event horizon scale, dynamical probes for the mass of Sgr A*
  15. Frank Bertoldi / Ankur Dev - Kast - Crowded No More: The Accuracy of the Hubble Constant Tested with High Resolution Observations of Cepheids by JWST