In summer 2009, the Argelander Institute for Astronomy received a new telescope. This is primarily intended as an educational device and is also available to the Astroclub for observations.

The current wiki with relevant information about the telescope and Telescope Driver's License can be found here. Within the AIfA network, the website can be visited without a password. For questions please send a mail to telescope[at]

Technical information

  • Telescope
    • Type: Cassegrain
    • Mount: Equatorial fork mount
    • Primary mirror diameter: 50 cm
    • Focal length ratio Cassegrain focus: f/9
    • Focal length ratio primary focus: f/3
  • CCD camera 
    • Format: 3060 x 2040 Pixel, 9μm x 9μm per pixel
    • Field of view cassegrain focus: 21' x 14' (0,4" per pixel)
    •  Field of view primary focus: 63' x 42' (1,2" pro Pixel)
  • Filter sets
    • Standard LRGBC
    • Johnson/Bessel UBVRI
    • Narrow band filters: Hα (7 nm), Oiii, Sii
  • Spectrograph
    • Grating: 200 l/mm, 900 l/mm
    • Resolution: 540 (200 l/mm), 3800 (900 l/mm)

Virtual Telescope Tour

Have a look and enjoy the virtual tour of the AIfA rooftop telescope