The Cip-Pool in the Argelander Institute for Astronomy

The Cip-Pool was build in 2006 and contains 18 Terminals/PCs and a teacher Termianl/PC which is connected to a beamer for instructions. In 2006 simple terminals were bought which were connected to three main linux servers. This was necessary to reduce the heat and noise coming from 19 PCs. Since these terminals were quite too slow for most of the interactive graphic programs new small PCs were bought in 2012. At the moment we are using Ubuntu 12.04 as the main OS. Before the winter term 2013 (WS 2013/14) started the account system was switched from the local accounts to the university accounts (University-IDs). The home directories are now located in the main computing center (HRZ). Also the Physics Cip-Pool and the Astronomy Cip-Pool are homogenized to be more flexible for lectures (e.g. EDV für Physiker).

Location / Opening hours

The Cip-Pool is located in the basement of the Argelander Institute of Astronomy in the room 0.007. 

Since the room is mainly used for bachelor/master lectures there is NO free access during the week. This may change in the future.

The physics department supports also its own Cip-Pool in the AVZ I. In this pool there are 16 PCs which are also available from external computers 24h/7d. For firther information see

Login/logout at the Cip-Pool

  1. Switch on the monitor and PC (check if it already running)
  2. If you switched on the PC wait until the login screen appears on the screen
  3. Enter your username; the username is your University-ID (without!)
  4. The default session for EDV für Physiker-Users is "xfce"
  5. Enter your password
  6. Do some useful work!
  7. Choose logout from the main menu
  8. Switch off the PC (if your tutor told you something else, follow the tutors instructions)
  9. Switch off the monitor

In the case of problems ask the tutor for help.


For the Cip-Pool we have installed the printer lj4050. Please use this printer only! From a terminal you can print Postscript-Files (PS or EPS) with:

lpr -Plj4050 filename

Please don"t send any other filetypes via lpr to the printer. These jobs will probably block the whole printer system!

For other filetypes e.g. PDF you have to use acroread, gv, evince or other programs. Please don't forget to choose lj4050 as the printer!

Login from external computer

At the moment we don't support the login from external computer. Since the user data are located in the main computing center you can also use the computer in the Physics Cip-Pool which are online 24h/7d ( The PCs (XX=01..16).


The software collection includes the standard software which come with the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS distribution. Additionally extra software is installed or partly upgraded. For a detail information which packages are installed use the command dpkg -l . If you need special software or libraries please contact your tutors or use the contact email address.


The Cip-Pool is maintained by the central IT-group (ZRG) of the AIfA. If you have problems or want to book the room for lectures, please contact us via Helpful is also the web page from the Physics Cip-Pool: !