Press Releases

  • Capturing All That Glitters in Galaxies with NASA's Webb, 2022 January, news release by Webb Space Telescope, see also NASA Goddard

  • Galactic fireworks: new ESO images reveal stunning features of nearby galaxies, 2021 July, photo release by ESO, and associated news releases by INAF (in Italian), MPIA (in German)
  • Cosmic cartographers map nearby Universe revealing the diversity of star-forming galaxies, 2021 June, press releases by NRAO (see also youtube), OSU, MPIA (in German)
  • Cosmic commute towards star and planet formation, 2020 July, MPIA press release

  • Birds of a Feather, 2020 July, ESA Hubble Space Telescope

  • What 100,000 Star Factories in 74 Galaxies Tell Us about Star Formation Across the Universe, 2019 January, NRAO/JAO press release

  • Forget Planet X! New technique could pinpoint Galaxy X., January 13, 2011, Berkeley News

  • Stellar Birth in the Galactic Wilderness, April 16, 2008, GALEX press release

  • New VLA Images Unlocking Galactic Mysteries, January 10, 2008, NRAO news release