Science Communication

Argelander Institute staff members participate in a variety of events to communicate our science and methods. In the following, we present a selection of our activities in chronological order.

Our public relations work is substantially supported by the projects PUNCH4NFDI and B3D. For more details or suggestions, please contact Frank Bertoldi or David Ohse.

Upcoming Events

  • 20 October 2023, 18-24h: Nacht der Technik. We exhibit our LEGO-ALMA model. The Night of Technology Bonn/Rhein-Sieg is entering its third edition and the University of Bonn is represented with its own station for the first time. As one of 49 locations in the region, the University of Bonn opens its doors and shows technical innovations by means of interactive experiments from robotics, geodesy/geoinformation and astronomy.
  • 25-30 September 2023:  Highlights der Physik in Kiel.  We exhibit our LEGO-ALMA model. 


19-20 August 2023:  We were invited to exhibit our LEGO-ALMA model at the Open Day of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Under the motto: New horizons, new opportunities - knowledge that moves us forward! a selection of initiatives and projects supported by the BMBF was presented here, among other things. Despite sweaty temperatures, more than 7000 visitors found their way to the Federal Ministry in Berlin. The AIfA was represented by Minou Greve, Leo Ringel and Philipp Ertz. 


Staatssekretärin Pirscher visits Leo and Philipp at the LEGO-ALMA model in Berlin.

Roadshow "Universe on Tour"

9-13 August 2023:  As part of the "Universe on Tour" roadshow, more than 4,000 visitors came to the exhibition tent on the Hofgartenwiese in Bonn, where they also enjoyed the interactive LEGO-ALMA model. In the neighboring mobile planetarium, Prof. Andrina Nicola took the audience on a "Journey into Darkness." in a public evening lecture on Aug. 12. Our MS Science exhibit was displayed as a large banner. 

The exhibit "Dem Universum auf der Spur" as a banner at the Hofgartenwiese. The mobile planetarium is seen in the background. 

Dialogue on Deck

4 August 2023:  More than 100 visitors attended the public panel discussion "Dialogue on Deck: Black Holes and the Limits of Space and Time", where experts from different disciplines discussed questions about the nature of space and time and the limits of our knowledge. The event took place on the exhibition ship MS Wissenschaft as part of the Science Year 2023 "Our Universe" and was organized by AIfA staff, enaCom and the TRAs of the University of Bonn.  (more) (video)

Prof. Bertoldi greets the audience and the panel, left to right: Dr. Suzanna Randall, Prof. Andreas Bartels, Dr. Sandra Unruh, Dr. Frank Vogelsang.

Exhibit on the MS-Wissenschaft

9 May to 27 September 2023: Bonn University was on board the "MS Wissenschaft". For this exhibition ship, a team from the university developed an exhibit in line with this year's theme of the Year of Science, "Our Universe". Under the motto "On the trail of the universe", visitors, especially schoolchildren, can interactively explore various research areas and methods relating to the universe.  (more)

Our exhibit directs visitors to cards with detailed information and links to a  website  for interactive engagement with 13 different research topics.

Science festival

9 July 2023: The first science festival of the University of Bonn on the Hofgartenwiese had the motto "Science to participate for everyone!" The AIfA was represented with the LEGO-ALMA model.  (more)

By playing with the LEGO model of the ALMA observatory, visitors could interactively learn how a radio astronomical interferometer functions.