Big Bang to Big Data - AIfA participates in new science cluster

The "NRW-Cluster für datenintensive Radioastronomie: Big Bang to Big Data" (B3D) has set itself the task of combining radio astronomy and data science. AIfA is a member and will participate in the next three years in networking the knowledge of radio astronomers, interested data scientists as well as companies from the industry.

Modern radio telescopes are generating data at an ever-increasing rate. In the future, this data, together with telescopes in the planning stage, will generate a volume of data roughly equivalent to all of today's Internet traffic. To guarantee the increasingly detailed observation and study of distant galaxies or black holes, the "NRW Cluster for Data-Intensive Radio Astronomy: Big Bang to Big Data" (B3D)" was founded. The state is funding B3D with up to three million euros.

Conquering the flood of data
A central component of the research cluster is the development of innovative traversers using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Analogous to already existing AIs, which, for example, enable Internet searches or language translations in everyday life, these tools are also to be used in radio astronomy. In concrete terms, the aim is to systematically manage and analyze the immense flood of data in order to ensure better understanding. At the same time, the B3D will develop new measures for the qualification of young scientists.

  • 17.11.2021