Clusterantrag "Unser dynamisches Universum" geht in die nächste Runde

The cluster initiative  "Our dynamic Universe" was given the green light to apply for funding as part if the Excellence Initiative of the German government and federal states. This was announced by the German Reserarch Foundation  (DFG) and the German Council of Science and Humanities Feb. 2nd 2024.

The structure and development of our Universe is shaped by countless phenomena that follow some very different timescales, ranging from fractions of a second to billions of years. This Cluster of Excellence, which is being proposed in partnership with the University of Cologne, brings the various processes of astrophysics together through a combination of observations using new instruments, theory backed by innovative simulation and data science methods, and laboratory astrophysics. The aim is to come up with a complete description of the evolution of matter and energy flows over time. Within the Bonn/Cologne region, the cluster initiative is based in a internationally acclaimed center of expertise for radio astronomy, underpinned by four main pillars: (1) building state-of-the-art detectors and instruments for international telescopes; (2) leading large-scale observation programs; (3) running a world-class laboratory for astrophysics; and (4) simulating the dynamic evolution of planets, stars and galaxies on high-performance computers.

The University of Bonn will need to submit all its Cluster of Excellence applications by August of this year. The funding decision is slated for May 2025, with any funding set to start in early 2026.

With six Clusters of Excellence receiving funding, the University of Bonn is the most successful university in the grant program at present. In 2019, it became one of only eleven universities and alliances in Germany—and one of only two in North Rhine-Westphalia—to be awarded the status of a University of Excellence and is thus currently the most successful university in the entire contest. Since then, it has become firmly established as a leading university in Germany and Europe in the most significant global rankings and is among the top 100 in the world.

Cluster Initiatives - New Cluster initiatives at the University of Bonn - top (from left to right): Vice-Rector for Equal Opportunity and Diversity Irmgard Förster, Vice-Rector for Research and Early-Career Researchers Andreas Zimmer, Vice-Rector for Digitalization and Information Management Maren Bennewitz, Rector Michael Hoch, Dean Walter Witke (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences), bottom: Vice-Rector for Sustainability Annette Scherrsoi, Cristiano Porciani (Speaker of Cluster initiative "Our Dynamic Universe"), Jochen Dingfelder (Speaker of Cluster initiative "Color meets Flavor"), Ulrike Thoma (Cluster initiative "Color meets Flavor")

Kontakt für Medien:

Prof. Dr. Cristiano Porciani
Argelander Institute for Astronomie (AIfA)
University Bonn

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Walch-Gassner
I. Physics Institute, Department of Physics
University of Cologne

  • 02.02.2024
  • Oliver Cordes