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Full thesis (ps,pdf)

  1. Introduction (ps,pdf)
  2. Local Supercluster Dynamics: External Tidal Impact of the PSCz sample traced by Optimized Numerical Least Action Principle (ps,pdf)
  3. Dipole & Quadrupole moments of the local cosmic velocity field (ps,pdf)
  4. Modeling the local cosmic peculiar velocity field II: Constrained Simulations (ps,pdf)
  5. FAM for real: PSCz as probe of the local Universe (ps,pdf)
  6. DTFE & Cosmic Flows: Tessellation Interpolation and Reconstruction of Cosmic Velocity Fields (ps,pdf)
  7. The coldness of the Local Cosmic Environment (ps,pdf)
  8. Weak lensing reconstruction of filaments (ps,pdf)
  9. The DTFE density and velocity fields of the PSCz catalog (ps,pdf)
  10. Nederlandse Samenvatting (ps,pdf)
  11. English Summary (ps,pdf)
  12. Bibliography (ps,pdf)
  13. Acknowledgments (ps,pdf)