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History of astronomy in general:
Museums and exhibitions
Historic and memorials places
Archives and manuscripts
History of astronomy in the Internet
General news

History of 19th and 20th century astronomy:
Astronomy in Berlin and Potsdam
Astronomy in Dorpat/Tartu
Astronomy in Pulkovo
The Struve dynasty (Wilhelm Struve, Otto Struve, and others)
Carl Friedrich Gauß
Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel
Friedrich Wilhelm August Argelander
Wilhelm Julius Foerster
Paul Guthnick
German-Russian relations

History of geodesy:
Geodesy in Berlin and Potsdam
Johann Jacob Baeyer

History of science in general:
German-Russian relations

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Maintaining History of Astronomy WWW pages (including history of related fields and general history of science items).

Secretary of the Working Group for the History of Astronomy in the Astronomische Gesellschaft (since 1992).

Co-editor of Acta Historica Astronomiae.

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage.

Past activities

Editor of Mitteilungen zur Astronomiegeschichte (in German) (1992-2004).

Editor and co-editor of electronic newsletters for the history of astronomy (in German and in English).

Member of the Organizing Committee of Commission 41 (History of Astronomy) of the International Astronomical Union (1997-2006).

Membership in history of science societies, commissions and working groups

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