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In January of 1994, the Working Group for the History of Astronomy started to issue an electronic newsletter on the history of astronomy in the German language, "Elektronische Mitteilungen zur Astronomiegeschichte" (EMA). EMA is aimed to complete the printed newsletter issued by the working group. It provides meta-information, i.e. where to find information (books, conferences, museums, etc.) on history of astronomy and related fields.

An English version, "Electronic Newsletter for the History of Astronomy" (ENHA), is also available.

In most cases the EMAs contain also texts in English, and the latest issue may contain urgent information such as conference announcements, which has not yet been published in ENHA.

Since the translation into English usually takes some time (from days to weeks or even months), there may be also items in the latest issues which have not yet been translated. Starting with No. 25, some items will not be translated at all. Therefore, readers with a knowledge of German may be interested in both versions.

Both newsletters are distributed free of charge to all interested parties.

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Wolfgang R. Dick

Latest update: 15 June 1998