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Pelerin de Prusse

fl. 14th century

Little is known about him. He appears in court records of the early 1360s as astrologer and "beloved clerk" to Charles, Duke of Normandy, later Charles V, king of France. He partecipated, together with Robert Godefroy and Nicole Oresme, in a program of translating astronomy and astrology in French.

His work, "The practique de astralabe", written in 1362 at the behest of Charles V is an important example of early technical and scientific writing in the vernacular. It is a translation of parts of the "Compositio et operatio astrolabii", well known translation by John of Seville of an Arabic treatise attributed to Messahalla.

His only other known work is the "Livret de eleccions", written in 1361.


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