IAU Commission 41 : Meetings

XXIV General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union

Inventory and Preservation of Astronomical Archives, Records and Artifacts

Special Session of Commission 41 "History of Astronomy"

Manchester, UK, August 16, 2000

Chair: Steven Dick

0900   Adriaan Blaauw (Netherlands): The Inventory of IAU Archives, and the ESO Archives

0915   Peter Hingley (UK): Royal Astronomical Society Library and Archives

0930   George Wilkins (UK): Norman Lockyer Observatory Archives

0945   Suzanne Débarbat (France), Jean-Pierre Cressent (France): "Alidade" and the iconographic base for the astronomical archives preserved in France

1000   Wolfgang R. Dick (Germany): German Archives

1015   Giorgia Foderà, Agnese Mandrino (Italy): Specola 2000: A Programme for the Preservation and Inventorying of the Archives of the Italian Astronomical Observatories

1030   Andreas Verdun, Gerhard Beutler (Switzerland): Edition of Leonhard Euler's Contributions on Perturbation Theory in the Context of the Euler-Edition

1045   Alexander A. Gurshtein (Russia): Russian Archives


1100   Brenda Corbin (USA), Donna Coletti (USA): Preservation and Digitization of Observatory Publications

1115   David H. DeVorkin (USA): Preserving the Material Heritage of Astronomy

1135   W. Orchiston (New Zealand): Inventory and Preservation of Archives in Australia and New Zealand

1150   Il-Seong Nha (Korea): The Nha Il-Seong Museum of Astronomy

1205   S. M. Razaullah Ansari (India): Astronomical Archives in India

1220   Li CiYuan (China): Traditional Chinese Astronomical Records

1235   T. Nakamura (Japan): Astronomical Archives in Japan

See also Newsletter # 6.

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