IAU Commission 41 : Meetings : Astronomical Archives Session

The Inventory of IAU Archives, and the ESO Archives

Adriaan Blaauw (Netherlands)

IAU ARCHIVES. IAU Historical Archives for the period 1919-1970 were compiled by A. Blaauw in preparation for his book History of the IAU (Kluwer 1994) and supplemented afterwards. By an agreement between the IAU and the Academie des Sciences in Paris, the IAU has donated these Archives to the Academie where they will be accessable under supervision to qualified astronomers and historians. Access requires prior written authorization of the IAU General Secretary. A 42-page detailed Inventory of these Archives has now been published. It will be described by A.Blaauw at the special session of Commission 41 at Manchester on Wednesday morning August 16. Pending final arrangements to be made after the Manchester General Assembly, members interested in acquiring copies of the Inventory are advised to contact the author, either during the Assembly, or by e-mail c/o blaauw@astro.rug.nl.

ESO ARCHIVES. ESO Historical Archives were compiled by A.Blaauw, former Director General of ESO, in preparation for his book ESO's Early History published by ESO in 1991. These Archives are kept at ESO Headquarters, Garching, Germany, in the care of the ESO's Librarian and are accessible upon consultation with the Librarian. The Inventory of these Archives, written by A. Blaauw, will be described at the special session of Commissuion 41 at Manchester on Wednesday morning August 16.

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