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History of Astronomy Conference Calendar 2003

The following conferences and meetings of interest for historians of astronomy have also been listed in Electronic Newsletters for the History of Astronomy.

June 19-22, Notre Dame, IN, USA
Sixth Biennial History of Astronomy Workshop
Contacts: Matthew F. Dowd, Univ. of Notre Dame, Hist. & Phil. of Science, 346 O'Shaughnessy Notre Dame, IN 46556, USA, e-mail: Matthew.F.Dowd.11@nd.edu
URL: http://www.nd.edu/~histast4/ndviinfo/

July 7-9, London, UK
Robert Hooke Tercentenary Conference
Contacts: Mrs Julie Jones, julie.jones6@btinternet.com
For further information, see the announcement in ENHA 46, Item 4.

July 14-26, Sydney, Australia
IAU General Assembly
Several history of astronomy sessions are planned, such as Working Group Meetings, Business Meetings, Science Meetings, a joint C41/C46 session on the history of astronomy education activities, and possibly a Joint Discussion. Details will be announced later.
Contacts: Dr. Wayne Orchiston, Australia, e-mail: wo@aaoepp.aao.gov.au

August 3-9, Oxford, UK
The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena, Fourth Conference
Contacts: Dr. Valerie Shrimplin, e-mail: valerie.shrimplin@luton.ac.uk
URL: http://ethel.as.arizona.edu/~white/insap/insap4x.htm

August 10-13, Philadelphia, PA, USA
2003 Annual Meeting of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
Among possible topics: Surveying, Celestial Navigation, Astronomy
Contacts: Philadelphia Chapter, LCTHF, P.O. Box 54803, Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA, e-mail: papers@lewisandclarkphila.org
See also this Announcement

September 30 - October 4, Newport News, Virginia, USA
XXII Scientific Instrument Symposium
Details will be announced later.
URL: http://www.sic.iuhps.org/conf2003/

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