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History of Astronomy Conference Calendar 1998

Most of the following conferences and meetings of interest for historians of astronomy have also been listed in Electronic Newsletters for the History of Astronomy.

January 6-10, Washington, DC, USA
191st Meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Among the sessions:
Jan. 6, 1:00-5:00pm: LeRoy E. Doggett Memorial Session (HAD I)
Jan. 7, 10:00-11:30am and 2:00-3:30pm: Historical Astronomy Division, II & III
These sessions are organized by David DeVorkin, nasdsh03@sivm.si.edu

February 24-27, Trier, Germany
Conference: "Historical-thematic cartography: concepts, methods, applications"
Information: Martin Schmidt, schmidtm@uni-trier.de
URL: http://hsozkult.geschichte.hu-berlin.de/termine/trier.htm

March 12-15, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
HOPOS `98: Second International History of Philosophy of Science Conference
Conference Registrar: James Maffie, Independent Scholar, 3280 Sentinel Drive, Boulder, CO 80301-5498, USA, E-mail: maffiej@spot.colorado.edu
URL: http://scistud.umkc.edu/hopos/98call.html

March 13-14, London, Great Britain
Harmony of the Heavens
Conference organized by the British Museum and the Warburg Institute. Invited papers from historians working in astronomy, art and music with a strong emphasis on scientific instruments.
Information: Silke Ackermann, Department of Medieval and Later Antiquities, British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG, phone 0171-323 8395
See in addition the extended announcement in ENHA 26.

April 17-19, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Midwest Junto for the History of Science
Contacts: Ed Layton, Chair of Local Arrangements, c/o Barbara Eastwold, Program in History of Science and Technology,148 Tate Laboratory of Physics, University of Minnesota, 116 Church Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA, E-mail: eastwold@physics.spa.umn.edu
URL: http://www.physics.umn.edu/groups/hsci/junto.html

May 11-15, Gotha, Germany
International Spring Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft: Modern astrometry and history of astronomy
Information and registration: Oliver Schwarz, Uthmannstr. 8, D-99867 Gotha, Germany, e-mail: SternwGTH@aol.com
URL: http://www.astro.uni-bonn.de/~pbrosche/aa/gotha/

May 17-21, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
The Seventy Fourth Annual Meeting of the Southwestern and Rocky Mountain Division, American Association for the Advancement of Science
A scientific session "In Search of Extraterrestrial Life: Past, Present and Future" will take place on Wednesday, May 20.
Contacts: Alexander A Gurshtein, E-mail: alex@MESA7.MESA.COLORADO.EDU

May 21-23, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Science and travels
35th Symposium of the German "Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftsgeschichte" [History of Science Society], in cooperation with the Dutch "Genootschap voor Geschiedenes der Geneeskunde, Wiskunde, Natuurwetenschapen en Techniek" [Society for the History of Medicin, Philosophy, Science and Technology]
From the programme: H. Hecht (Potsdam): New dimensions of scientific travels in the 18th century. Maupertuis' expedition to Lapland. - R. H. van Gent (Utrecht): The German Clergyman Johan Maurits Mohr and his private astronomical observatory in Batavia (Java).
Registration: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang U. Eckart, President of the Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Institut für Geschichte der Medizin, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 368, D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany, e-mail: Wolfgang.eckart@urz.uni-heidelberg.de
URL: http://hsozkult.geschichte.hu-berlin.de/termine/reisen.htm

May 21-24, Weil am Rhein, Germany
27th Annual Meeting of the Arbeitskreis Sonnenuhren [Sundial Working Group] in the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chronometrie [German Chronometric Society]
Place: Atlas-Hotel Weil am Rhein, 1500 m from the suburbs of Basel
Fee: Non-members DM 55.00, speakers DM 35.00 (including excursion)
Cultural programme: Visits to museums and sundials in Basel (Switzerland) and surroundings
Deadline: 31 January 1998
Organisation: Margrit und Robert Felix, Kleinhüningerstr. 170, CH-4057 Basel, Switzerland, Tel. + Fax +41 61 631 10 34, e-mail: rfelix@compuserve.com

May 22-23, Wittenberg, Germany
"Geodesy, Surveying und Belief". The influence of religion and Reformation on education, science and technology. Working Meeting of the Fachgruppe Geschichte des Vermessungswesens [Division for the History of Surveying] in the Bildungswerk des Verbandes Deutscher Vermessungsingenieure [Education Foundation of the Association of German Surveying Engineers]
Informationen: Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Juergen Lagoda, Westfaelische Str. 30, D-47169 Duisburg, Germany, Phone 0203/59 82 47

June 6, Oakland, CA, USA
Meeting of the Northern California Historical Astronomy Luncheon and Discussion Association
Topics: Lord Rosse of Birr Castle, Chinese Astronomy
Place: Chabot Observatory, 4917 Mountain Blvd., Oakland, CA 94619, USA
Further information: Norm Sperling, Everything in the Universe, 185 John Street, Oakland, CA 94611, USA. Phone & fax: 510-547-6523. e-mail: nsperling@global.california.com
See in addition the announcement in ENHA 29, Item 4.

June 7-12, San Diego, CA
192nd Meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Sunday, 7 June: Historical Astronomy Division (HAD) I - Special Palomar Session
Monday, 8 June: HAD II - New Telescopes and New Tools; HAD III - Astronomical Journal Sesquicentennial
URLs: http://www.aas.org/meetings/aas192/program/

June 12-14, Dresden, Germany
Conference "The photographic pioneer Hermann Krone. Photography and devices. Culture of pictures and photographic technique in the 19th century"
Hermann Krone (1827-1916) took also astronomical pictures. The conference program contains also a lecture by Prof. Dr. Klaus-Guenter Steinert on "The beginnings of photographic astronomy in Dresden" and other lectures related to history of science and technology.
Place: Kulturrathaus, Koenigstr. 15
Conference fee: 100 DM
Reservations up until 1 May: Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Photographie, Rheingasse 8-12, D-50676 Koeln, Tel. 0221/9 23 20 69, Fax 0221/9 23 20 70

June 25 - July 1, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
110th Annual Meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Sunday, June 28: History Session: invited lectures on Astronomy in New Mexico and on Cosmology 1948 - 1998
Inquiries to: Joe Tenn, e-mail: joe.tenn@sonoma.edu
URL: http://www.phys-astro.sonoma.edu/people/faculty/tenn/ASPHistory/1998.html

June 26-28, Feucht near Nuremberg, Germany
Celebration exhibit: 75 years "Rockets to the planets, and into space" by Prof. Hermann Oberth 1923, and colloquium on the History of Space Travel
Information: Hermann-Oberth-Raumfahrt-Museum e.V., Tel.: 09128/3502, Fax: 09128/14920

July 4, Sydney, Australia
Seminar on "Colonial Astronomy in Sydney"
Place: Colonial Science Club
Further information: Dr. Wayne Orchiston, Carter Observatory, National Observatory of New Zealand, Box 2909, Wellington, New Zealand, phone: 64 4 472 8167, fax: 64 4 472 8320, e-mail: wayne.orchiston@vuw.ac.nz
See in addition the announcement in ENHA 29, Item 5.

July 9-11, Greenwich, London, UK
International Conference "Peter the Great and the West: New Perspectives"
This conference is one of a number of events being held in the UK to mark the three hundredth anniversary of the visit to Britain in 1698 of Tsar Peter I of Russia (reigned 1682-1725), during which he learnt also about astronomy at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.
Charge for registration: GBP 60.00. Conference Dinner Tickets: GBP 35.00
For a conference leaflet with full booking details contact: Catherine Sones, Research Group Executive, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, SE10 9NF, UK, Tel: +44 (0)181 312 6716, Fax: +44 (0)181 312 6722, E-mail: cesone@nmm.ac.uk
URL: http://www.nmm.ac.uk/rcs/conf/peter.html

July 20-25, Sorø, Denmark
XVII International Scientific Instrument Symposium of the Scientific Instrument Commission of the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science
Main themes: Cabinets of Physics and Chemistry, Instruments and Instrument Makers in Scandinavia. Papers not related to these subjects will also be considered. Opening lecture on Tycho Brahe by Owen Gingerich.
Tours: To Copenhagen with visits to Rundetaarn (Astronomical Observatory), the Danish National Museum and Rosenborg (the Royal Chronological Collections); to the Steno Museum at Aarhus.
Information: XVII International Scientific Instrument Symposium, Sorø Academy, Postbox 37, DK-4180 Sorø, Denmark, Phone: +45 5782 0135, Fax +45 5782 0136, e-mail: ievhjan@dfi.aau.dk
URL: http://www.sic.iuhps.org/symposium98/

July 22, Brighton, Great Britain
The History of Measurement. Symposium of the FIG (the International Federation of Surveyors) ad hoc History Commission during the FIG XXI Congress.
Themes: 18th century; introduction of the metric system in the 1790s; introduction of the electronic distance measurement in the 1940s
Information: J.R.Smith Esq FRICS, FIG ad hoc Commission, 24 Woodbury Ave, Petersfield, Hants GU32 2EE, England, phone/fax +44 1730 262 619, e-mail: 101765.332@compuserve.com

August 14-16, Paderborn, Germany
International Conference on the History of Computing (ICHC'98)
Contacts: Prof. Dr. Raul Rojas, ICHC'98, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Takustr. 9, 14195 Berlin, Germany, Tel.: 49/30/83875100, FAX: 49/30/83875109, E-mail: rojas@inf.fu-berlin.de
URL: http://www.inf.fu-berlin.de/~widiger/ICHC/

August 18-27, Berlin, Germany
International Congress of Mathematicians, Section 19: History of Mathematics
Chairman of the Program Committee: Phillip A. Griffiths, Institute for Advanced Study, Olden Lane, Princeton, NJ 08540-0631, USA Phone: +1/609/734-8200, Fax: +1/609/683-7605, E-mail: pg@math.ias.edu
URL: http://elib.zib.de:888/ICM

August 23-28, Berlin, Germany
8th International Conference on the History of Science in China (ICHSC)
Contact Address: Welf H. Schnell Technische Universität Berlin, Institut für Philosophie, Sekr: 14 - 7, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin, Germany
URL: http://station4.kgw.tu-berlin.de/

September 11-13, Seattle, WA, USA
4th annual meeting of the North American Sundial Society (NASS)
Further information: Woody Sullivan, 6532 Palatine Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103 USA, phone: 206-543-7773 (daytime) or 206-784-1052 (evenings), e-mail: woody@astro.washington.edu
See in addition the announcement in ENHA 27, Item 2.

September 14, Heidelberg, Germany
Splinter Meeting "History of Astronomy" in the framework of the Annual Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft
The meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft will be held on occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Landessternwarte [State Astronomical Observatory] Heidelberg-Koenigstuhl (1898 to 1998).
Coordinator: Dr. Reinhold Bien, Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, Mönchhofstr. 12-14, D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany, Phone: (06221) 405-120, Fax: (06221) 405-297, E-mail: reinhold@relay.ari.uni-heidelberg.de
URL: http://www.astro.uni-bonn.de/~pbrosche/aa/treffen1998.html

September 17-20, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Mephistos 1998: 17th Annual Graduate Student Meeting for the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science, Technology, Medicine, and related fields
Contacts: Mark Largent, Program in History of Science and Technology, Tate Laboratory of Physics, 116 Church Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA, Tel.: (612) 626-8722, Fax: (612) 624-4578, E-mail: larg0007@tc.umn.edu
URL: http://home.att.net/~Olorin/mephistos/meph2.htm

September 18-19, Stockerau, Austria
Annual Meeting of the Working Group for Sundials in the Austrian Astronomical Society (Arbeitsgruppe Sonnenuhren im Oesterreichischen Astronomischen Verein)
Information: Frau Dr. Ilse Fabian, Hietzinger Hauptstr. 152/2/8, A-1130 Vienna, Austria, Phone: 01 - 713 44 23/Kl. 29; Mag. Franz Vrabec, Giessergasse 4/16, A-1090 Vienna, Austria, Phone: 01-408 40 98 (at evenings only), e-mail: franz.vrabec@david.co.at

September 25-27, Wolfenbüttel, Germany
80th Annual Meeting of the German Society for the History of Medicine, Science and Technology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Medizin, Naturwissenschaft und Technik) on the theme "The reception of antiquity in medicine, science and technology"
Informationen: Herzog August Bibliothek, PF 1364, D-38299 Wolfenbüttel, Germany, Tel.: 05331/808-0, Fax: 808-266

October 3-7, Berlin, Germany
IXth Symposium of the International Coronelli Society
Theme: Everything related to old globes, armillary spheres, planetaria and their makers.
Conference languages: German and English
Place: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (State Library at Berlin)
Further programme: Excursion to Dresden to visit a special exhibition on maps, globes, and instruments; visits to globe collections in Berlin
Contacts: Internationale Coronelli-Gesellschaft, Dominikanerbastei 21/28, A-1010 Vienna, Austria, Fax +43 1 532 08 24.

October 10, Weida, Germany
Colloquium about Georg Samuel Doerffel
Information: Georg-Samuel-Doerffel-Gymnasium, Ernst-Thaelmann-Str. 23, D-07570 Weida, Germany, Phone: (036603) 62272

October 23-24, Samarkand and Fargana, Uzbekistan
Celebrations of the 1200th anniversary of Ahmad al-Fargani (Alfraganus)
Further information: Dr. Shuhrat Ehgamberdiev, Director, Uzbek Academy of Sciences, Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute, Astronomicheskaya Ul. 33, 700052 Tashkent, Uzbekistan, phone (0)3712-358102
See in addition the announcement in ENHA 29, Item 5.

October 23-25, Cambridge, MA, USA
Annual Meeting of the Antique Telescope Society
Place: Harvard University Further information: Antique Telescope Society, Walter H. Breyer, Secretary, 1275 Poplar Grove Lane, Cumming, GA 30041, USA e-mail: whbreyer@mindspring.com
See in addition the announcement in ENHA 28, Item 2.

October 27-30, Fukuoka, Japan
Third International Conference on Oriental Astronomy
Contact address: Prof. M. Hirai (Secretariat), Chair of Local Organizing Comittee of 3rd ICOA, Department of Earth Sciences and Astronomy, Fukuoka University of Education, Akama 729-1, Munakata, Fukuoka 811-4192, Japan, Telephone: +81-940-35-1375, Facsimile: +81-940-33-7730, E-mail: ICOA@fukuoka-edu.ac.jp
URL: http://www.fukuoka-edu.ac.jp/meeting/ICOA.html
See in addition the announcement in ENHA 29, Item 2.

November 7, Oakland, USA
Northern California Historical Astronomy Luncheon and Discussion Association's 47th meeting
Place: Chabot Observatory, 4917 Mountain Blvd., Oakland
Time: 10 AM -5 PM
Topics: "Ole Roemer", "Horizon Markers in Archaeoastronomy"
Further details from: Norm Sperling, nsperling@global.california.com

November 7, Muenster, Germany
"Historical connections between the measurement of time and units of angles and length". Seminar of the Fachgruppe Geschichte des Vermessungswesens [Division for the History of Surveying] in the Bildungswerk des Verbandes Deutscher Vermessungsingenieure [Education Foundation of the Association of German Surveying Engineers].
The programme includes: 'Harmony of the World'. Kepler's astronomy between war and peace.
Fee: 70 DM
Information: Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Juergen Lagoda, Westfaelische Str. 30, D-47169 Duisburg, Germany, Tel. 0203 - 59 82 47

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