History of Astronomy : Acta Historica Astronomiae

Ernst-August Gußmann, Gerhard Scholz, Wolfgang R. Dick (Hrsg.):

Der Große Refraktor auf dem Potsdamer Telegrafenberg

Vorträge zu seinem 100jährigen Bestehen

[The Great Refractor at the Telegrafenberg in Potsdam. Papers on occasion of its 100th anniversary]

(Acta Historica Astronomiae ; Vol. 11)

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Cover The Great Refractor at the Telegrafenberg in Potsdam, listed as a protected monument since 1983, is the fourth largest lens-type telescope of the world and a significant witness of the optico-mechanical manufacturing at the end of the 19th century and of the early research in astrophysics as well. At the occasion of its centenary in August 1999 a ceremony was held which also commemorated the foundation of the Astrophysical Observatory Potsdam 125 years ago whose main telescope the Great Refractor had been for decades.

This volume contains the opening words and lectures given at the festive celebration. »The venture into the depth of the Universe: 100 years of large telescopes« and »Buildings for science in Prussia« deal with topics closely connected with the erection of the Great Refractor and the architecture of its dome. The three following papers are devoted to the history and the scientific achievements of the telescope and of the Astrophysical Observatory as well, where solar research is represented by a separate contribution. In the appendix, for the first time a report on a study tour is published which had been undertaken by the later director of the Astrophysical Observatory Hermann Carl Vogel to Great Britain in 1875 with regard to erecting the new observatory in Potsdam.

All papers in German.


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Ernst-August Gußmann, Gerhard Scholz, Wolfgang R. Dick (Hrsg.): Der Große Refraktor auf dem Potsdamer Telegrafenberg. Vorträge zu seinem 100jährigen Bestehen. (Acta Historica Astronomiae ; 11). Thun ; Frankfurt am Main : Deutsch, 2000, 136 p., ISBN 3-8171-1642-X, 29 ill., 15 x 21 cm, paperback EUR 12.80 / sFr 20.00.

Published in December 2000.

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