History of Astronomy : Acta Historica Astronomiae

Beiträge zur Astronomiegeschichte, Band 3

[Contributions to the History of Astronomy, Issue 3]

(Acta Historica Astronomiae ; Vol. 10)

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Cover The main papers of this issue deal with previously unknown details of the foundation of the astronomical observatories in Gotha and in Königsberg (with numerous original documents by F.W. Bessel), with the Mecklenburg ordnance survey (1853-1873, with previously unknown letters by C.F. Gauß), with the merits of the Leipzig astronomer G.A. Jahn, with the internationality of the Astronomische Gesellschaft, and with early, previously little noted works on the expansion of the Universe.

The issue contains a description of the important collection of sundials in the Kassel museum, discussions about the Medieval »Phantom Period«, about Goethe's description of the zodiacal light, as well as obituaries and book reviews.

Most papers in German, one in English. Main papers with English abstracts.


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Beiträge zur Astronomiegeschichte, Band 3. Ed. by Wolfgang R. Dick and Jürgen Hamel. (Acta Historica Astronomiae ; 10). Thun ; Frankfurt am Main : Deutsch, 2000, 251 p., ISBN 3-8171-1635-7, 80 ill., 15 x 21 cm, paperback EUR 16.80 / sFr 26.30.

Published in September 2000.

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