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Pavel Kroupa: The Stellar Populations and Dynamics Research Group
(The SPODYR Group)

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The 1414 and 1616 Group Seminar

(the "16:16 seminar" on Tuesdays and the "14:14 seminar" on Fridays on various aspects of SPODYR Group activities and astro-ph papers)

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Stellar and brown dwarf populations, the IMF and initial multiple-star distribution functions.

The formation of stars, embedded clusters and the evolution of star clusters.

The formation and evolution of galaxies.

The dark matter problem; alternatives to the dark matter hypothesis; implications for cosmology.

The nature of gravitation

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The SPODYR group: (for previous members klick here)

Elena Isabel Asencio Perez, PhD project: Structure formation in Milgromian gravitation (theory)

Dr. Andrea Dieball (affiliated): Stellar populations in globular clusters (observational)

Andres Granados Cruz, MSc project: Galaxies in Milgromian dynamics (theory, modelling)

Dr. Jaroslav Haas (Charles University, Prague): The dynamics at the Galactic centre (theory; Nbody modelling)

Prof. Dr. Hosein Haghi: (long-term visitor; from IASBS, Zanjan, Iran) Alternative theories of gravity, Nbody models of distant Milky Way globular clusters, modelling of dwarf galaxies, rotation curves

Vikrant V. Jadhav, AvH Fellow Feb.2023-: Open star clusters and their stars (observational)

Prof. Dr. Pavel Kroupa: Stellar populations and dynamics, the dark matter problem, cosmology

Lukas Malte Hof, research project: Self-regulated star formation with a varying gwIMF (theoretical)

Santana Mansfield, PhD project (also working with Andrea Dieball) Stellar populations in globular clusters, M dwarf mass--luminosity relation (observational, theoretical)

Sergij Maszurenko , undergraduate research projects (also working with Indranil Banik): The Hubble Tension problem, asymmetical tidal tails of star clusters (theoretical)

Yannik Ostermann, Msc project (also working with Marie Zinnkann): Stellar populations (theoretical)

Dr. Wolfgang Oehm (affiliated): Simulations of galaxy-galaxy encounters: initial conditions of observed systems - does dark matter exist?

Dr. Jan Pflamm-Altenburg: Theoretical and computational stellar dynamics: the dissolution of massive star-cluster cores, the distribution of massive stars

Vajiheh Sabzali, PhD project (Charles University, Prague, also with Frantisek Dinnbier and Tereza Jerabkova as advisors): Nbody modelling of star clusters and their escaping stars (theory, numerical)

Nick Samaras , PhD project (Charles University, Prague): Cosmology with Milgromian gravitation (theory)

David Scherer, BSc project (also with Jan Pflamm-Altenburg): The generalised Poisson equation (theory)

Myank Singhal , PhD project (Charles University, Prague; main supervisor: Ladislav Subr): Galactic centre dynamics (theory)

Dr. Ladislav Subr (Charles University, Prague): Stellar dynamical problems (theory; Nbody modelling)

Dr. Ingo Thies: Theoretical planet formation, stellar dynamics, galaxy evolution using the PoR code

Henriette Wirth, PhD project (Charles University, Prague, also with Ladislav Subr as advisor): Stellar populations in globular star clusters (theory, numerical)

Nils Wittenburg, PhD project: Theoretical galaxy formation/nuHDM cosmological model using the PoR code

Wenjie Wu, PhD project: Star clusters (Nbody modelling)

Marie Zinnkann, MSc project: Stellar populations (theory, modelling)

Dong Zhang, PhD project: Theoretical cosmology, cosmological modelling using the PoR code

Prof. Dr. Akram Hasani Zonoozi (IASBS Iran, affiliated; AvH Fellow since March 2024): Nbody models of star clusters, IGIMF theory, stellar populations

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(Praha, 11th Oct. 2023)

Above: The Prague Stellar Populations and Dynamics Research Group (11th of October, 2023). From left to right:

Chiara Bindi, Henriette Wirth, Jaroslav Haas, Ladislav Subr, Pavel Kroupa, Myank Singhal, Frantisek Dinnbier, Nick Samaras, Vajiheh Sabzali. Absent are: Robin Eappen.

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(Bonn, 27th Sept.2023)

Above: The Bonn Stellar Populations and Dynamics Research Group (27th of September, 2023). From left to right:

Ingo Thies, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Simon Misof, Marie Zinkann, Elena Asencio, Santana Mansfield, Moritz Haslbauer, Dong Zhang, Vikrant Jadhav, Sergij Mazurenko (undergraduate research projects), Pavel Kroupa. Absent are: Andres Granados Cruz, Wolfgang Oehm, Nils Wittenburg, Wenjie Wu.

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(Jindrichuv Hradec, 24th Nov.2022)

Above: The Bonn-Prague Stellar Populations and Dynamics Research Group (24th of November). From left to right:

Robin Eappen, Henri Wirth, Ingo Thies, Pavel Kroupa, Nils Wittenburg, Vajiheh Sabzali, Franta Dinnbier, Nela Dvorakova (collaborator), Moritz Haslbauer, Myank Singhal, Nick Samaras, Dana Korcakova (collaborator), Joerg Dabringhausen, Amel Durakovic (visitor), Iris Bermejo Lozano (collaborator), Santana Mansfield, Wenjie Wu, Elena Asencio, Ali Alzaidi (visitor). Not all members are present. Photo taken in Jindrichuv Hradec in front of Bila Pani.

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(Prague, 3rd Nov.2021)

Above: The Prague Stellar Populations and Dynamics Research Group (Wednesday 3rd of November). From right to left:

Nikolaos Samaras, Jaroslav Haas, Ladislav Subr, Joerg Dabringhausen, Frantisek Dinnbier, Robin Eappen, Pavel Kroupa, Henri Wirth, visitor: Vajiheh Sabzali

(Bonn, 10th Nov.2021)

Above: (most of) The Bonn Stellar Populations and Dynamics Research Group (10th November). From left to right:

Moritz Haslbauer, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Ingo Thies, Wolfgang Oehm, Pavel Kroupa, Hosein Haghi, Akram Hasani Zonoozi, Elena Asencio, Santana Mansfield, Srikanth Togere Nagesh

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(Bonn, screen grab 6th Nov. 2020 -- CORONA-crisis group photo via zoom)

Above: The Bonn Stellar Populations and Dynamics Research Group (6th November). From upper left to lower right:

Moritz Haslbauer, Pavel Kroupa, Srikanth Togere Nagesh, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Andrea Dieball, Hosein Haghi (visiting from Zanjan), Rachel Parziale, Sambaran Banerjee, Nils Wittenburg, Elena Asencio, Santana Mansfield, Ingo Thies, Indranil Banik, Ahmed Hassan Abdullah (joined from Baghdad), Akram Hasani Zonoozi

(Prague, screen grab 13th Nov. 2020 -- CORONA-crisis group photo via zoom)

Above: The Prague Stellar Populations and Dynamics Research Group (Friday 13th November). From upper left to lower right:

Ladislav Subr, Pavel Kroupa, Jaroslav Haas, Robin Eappen, Frantisek Dinnbier, Zhiqiang Yan, Joerg Dabringhausen

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(Bonn, photo 16th Aug. 2019)

Above: The Bonn Stellar Populations and Dynamics Research Group (16th August, 2019 minus absentees). From left to right:

Zhiqiang Yan (situated in Prague), Tereza Jerabkova (situated at ESO), Hosein Haghi, Taha Haghi, Elham Zonoozi, Alexander Krause, Moritz Haslbauer, Ingo Thies, Frantisek Dinnbier (visiting from Cologne), Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Long Wang, Sverre Aarseth (visiting from Cambridge), Elena Asencio (pre-MSc), Pavel Kroupa

Absent: Vasanth Balakrishna, Indranil Banik, Klaas de Boer, Patrick Lieberz, Michael Marks, Wolfgang Oehm, Victoria Schuy, Till Stadtler, Nils Wittenburg

(Prague, photo 18th Dec. 2019)

Above: The Prague Stellar Populations and Dynamics Research Group (18th December, 2019). From left to right:

Robin Eappen, Ladislav Subr, Frantisek Dinnbier, Joerg Dabringhausen, Jarioslav Haas, Zhiqiang Yan, Pavel Kroupa

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(photo 7th Sept. 2018)

Above: The Group (7th September, 2018 minus absentees). From right to left:

Sambaran Banerjee, Marcel Pawlowski (visiting from UCL, Irvine), Ingo Thies, Nils Wittenburg, Patrick Lieberz, Hosein Haghi, Elham Zonoozi, Vasanth Subramani, Hamidreza Mahani, Ghasem Safaei, Konstantin Grishunin (visiting from St. Petersburg), Mortiz Haslbauer, Pavel Kroupa

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(photo 18th Dec. 2017 by Elisabeth Kramer)

Above: The Group (18th December, 2017). From left to right:

Zhiqiang Yan, Shafqat Riaz, Petr Kepcija (visiting from Charles University), Yunlin Liu, Long Wang, Hosein Haghi (visiting from IASBS, Zanjan, Iran), Meng Xiang-Gruess, Elham Zonoozi, Pavel Kroupa, Ingo Thies, Vasanth Balakrishna Subramani, Behnam Javanmardi (visiting from IPM, Teheran, Iran), Patrick Lieberz, Till Renger, Moritz Haslbauer, Nils Wittenburg

Absent: Sambaran Banerjee, Klaas de Boer, Tereza Jerabkova, Paul Meder, Wolfgang Oehm, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg

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(photo 13th Oct. 2016 by Matthias Kruckow)

Above: The Group (13th October, 2016). From left to right:

Behnam Javanmardi, Wolfgang Oehm, Alexander Krause, Joerg Dabringhausen (visiting), Pavel Kroupa, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Sambaran Banerjee, Meng Xiang-Gruess, Rosa Amelia Gonzalez Lopeslira, Patrick Lieberz, Ingo Thies, Seungkyung Oh, Michael Marks, Andrea Dieball

Absent: Klaas de Boer, Tereza Jerabkova, Nils Wittenburg

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(photo 13th Oct. 2015 by Matthias Kruckow)

Above: The Group (13th October, 2015). From left to right:

Farooq Hassan, Hosein Haghi, Ingo Thies, Akram Hasani Zonoozi, Michael Marks, Patrick Lieberz, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Felizitas Eschke, Behnam Javanmardi, Armin Rasekh, Wolfgang Oehm, Andrea Dieball, Pavel Kroupa, Seungkyung Oh, Ahmed Hassan Abdullah, Sambaran Banejee

Absent: Klaas de Boer, Claudia Bruens

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(photo 23rd Oct. 2014 by Fabian Lueghausen)

Above: The Group (23rd October, 2014). From left to right:

Andrea Dieball, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Seungkyung Oh, Claudia Bruens, Patrick Lieberz, Sambaran Banerjee, Wolfgang Oehm, Behnam Javanmardi, Tobias Isken, Fabian Lueghausen, Felizitas Eschke, Ingo Thies, Nina Brinkman, Pavel Kroupa, Ahmed Hassan Abdullah

Absent: Michael Brockamp, Klaas de Boer

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Above: The Group (17th October, 2013). From right to left:

Michael Marks, Sambaran Banerjee, Joerg Dabringhausen, Ingo Thies, Michael Brockamp, Daniel Kroell, Christine Schulz, Ylva Schuberth, Lucia Klarmann, Seungkyung Oh, Yasna Ordenes, Behnam Javanmardi, Wolfgang Oehm (affiliated), Xufen Wu, Ahmed Hassan Abdulla, Claudia Bruens, Tobias Isken, David Merritt (guest from RIT), Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Sylvia Ploeckinger (guest from Vienna), Fabian Lueghausen, Pavel Kroupa

Absent: Klaas S. de Boer, Iskren Georgiev, Michael Sokaliwska

The SPODYR Group planet (17th October 2013):
(phtotos 2013 by Fabian Lueghausen)

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Above: The Group (16th November, 2012). From right to left:

Joerg Dabringhausen, Daniel Kroell, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Lucia Klarmann, Claudia Bruens, Xufen Wu, Ingo Thies, Michael Brockamp, Matthais Kruckow, Sambaran Banerjee, Marcel Pawlowski, Miklos Peuten, Fabian Lueghausen, Yasna Ordenes, Iskren Georgiev, Christine Schulz, Andreas Kuepper, Ahmed Hassan Abdullah, Seungkyung Oh, Behnam Javanmardi, Pavel Kroupa, Ladislav Subr (visitor from Prague)

Absent: Michael Sokaliwska

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Above: The Group (8th November, 2011). From left to right:

Marcel Pawlowski, Andreas Kuepper, Michael Brockamp, Seungkyung Oh, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Ingo Thies, Christine Schulz, Pavel Kroupa, Joerg Dabringhausen, Sambaran Banerjee, Ulrike Hamacher (secretary), Alexandiu Tudorica, Rosa Amelia Gonzalez Lopeslira, Michael Sokaliwska, Iskren Georgiev, Michael Marks, Claudia Bruens, Klaas de Boer (emeritus), Lucia Klaarmann, Fabian Lueghausen, Xufen Wu, Benoit Famaey

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Above: The Group (11th October, 2010). From right to left (the spotless Sun was rather bright at 4pm):

Fabian Lueghausen, Christine Schulz, Iskren Georgiev, Seungkyung Oh, Michael Marks, Joerg Dabringhausen, Michael Sokaliwska, Ingo Thies, Sambaran Banerjee, Ylva Schuberth (associated), Benoit Famaey, Genevieve Parmentier, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Michael Brockamp, Claudia Bruens, Andreas Kuepper, Ole Markkgraf, Pavel Kroupa

Absent: Thomas Maschberger, Marcel Pawlowski

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Above: The Group (6th November, 2009). From left to right:

Pavel Kroupa, Ingo Thies, Claudia Bruens, Garry Angus (short-term visitor), Andreas Kuepper, Marcel Pawlowski, Benoit Famey, Lucia Klarmann, Holger Baumgardt, Iskren Georgiev, Seungkyung Oh, Soroush Nasoudi-Shoar, Michael Brockamp, Paulina Assmann (2-month visitor), Michael Sokaliwska, Yu Xin, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Joerg Dabringhausen, Genevieve Parmentier, Michael Marks, Ylva Schuberth (associated), Christine Schulz, Sambaran Banerjee

Absent: Thomas Maschberger, Gisela Mainz

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Above: The Group (23rd October, 2008). From left to right:

Iskren Georgiev, Yu Xin, Marcel Pawlowski, Ulf Loeckmann, Michael Guenther (top), Seungkyung Oh (below), Thomas Maschberger (mostly at IoA, Cambridge, nowadays), Genevieve Parmentier, Manuel Metz, Pavel Kroupa, Ylva Schuberth, Sarah Aretz, Michael Sokaliwska, Ingo Thies, Claudia Bruens, Michael Marks, Andreas Kuepper, Thibaut Decressin, Holger Baumgardt, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Sambaran Banerjee

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Above: The Group (24th October, 2007). From left to right:

Pavel, Jaroslav Haas, Genevieve Parmentier (AvH Fellow), Joerg Dabringhausen, Ladislav Subr (AvH Fellow), Claudia Bruens, Seungkyung Oh, Thomas Maschberger, Holger Baumgardt (Heisenberg Fellow), Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Manuel Metz, Ulf Loeckmann, Andreas Kuepper, Michael Marks, Ingo Misgeld (PhD student of Michael Hilker), Ingo Thies

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Above: The Group (27th October, 2006). From left to right:

Pavel, Ladislav Subr (AvH Fellow), Manuel Metz, Caudia Bruens, Ulf Loeckmann, Joerg Dabringhausen, Ingo Thies, Ylva Schuberth (student of Michael Hilker), Andreas Kuepper, Thomas Maschberger, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Holger Baumgardt, Jaroslava Schovancova (Erasmus student from Charles University, Prague)

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Above: The Group (16th September, 2005). From left to right:

Ingo Thies, Claudia Bruens, Thomas Maschberger, Mike Fellhauer, Ylva Schuberth (student of Michael Hilker), Carsten Weidner, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Holger Baumgardt, Manuel Metz, Pavel

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No Photo: The Group (October, 2004):

Holger Baumgardt, Claudia Bruens, Pavel Kroupa, Mamuel Metz, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Ingo Thies, Carsten Weidner
(Ingo Thies, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg and Carsten Weidner came with me to Bonn from Kiel University early 2004).

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The group has produced Hubble Fellows:

(two of four from Bonn and in total two out of about 12 from Germany until 2016)

Dr. Marcel Pawlowski, 2016

Dr. Andreas Kuepper, 2013

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The group has hosted Heisenberg Fellows:

Dr. Holger Baumgardt

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The group has hosted Alexander von Humboldt Fellows:

Dr. Sambaran Banerjee (2009-2010)

Dr. Indranil Banik (2018-2020)

Dr. Benoit Famaey (2012-2013)

Dr. Vikrant Jadhav (2023-)

Dr. Genevieve Parmentier (2009-2010)

Dr. Ladislav Subr (2007-2008)

Dr. Long Wang (2017-2019)

Dr. Xufen Wu (2013-2014)

Dr. Yu Xin (2008-2009)

Prof. Dr. Akram Hasani Zonoozi (2017-)

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The group has hosted Alexander von Humboldt Research Awardees:

Prof. Dr. Hyung Mok Lee (Seoul National University, S.Korea) (2013/2014)

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The group has hosted Marie Curie Fellows:

Dr. Andrea Dieball (2016-2017)

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Past Habilitations:

(A Habilitation is a third thesis which must contain substantial research contributions beyond the PhD. With a habilitation formal permission is obtained to teach and to supervise PhD students at a university and the title "Privat Dozent" (PD) may thereafter be carried.)

Dr. Holger Baumgardt, Habilitation 2007 (July), University of Bonn, "Intermediate-mass black holes in star clusters"

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Past PhD students:

Moritz Haslbauer , PhD 22.05.2024, University of Bonn, "From the stellar IMF to large-scale structure formation: How the LCDM model is incompatible with observations over all probed astrophysical scales"

Patrick Lieberz, PhD 2021 (June 21st), University of Bonn, "From star formation to regional distribution: Influences on the embedded cluster mass function"

Zhiqiang Yan , PhD 2021 (December 17th, Charles University, Prague): "Chemical evolution of galaxies with an environment-dependent stellar initial mass function"

Tereza Jerabkova , PhD 2020 (August 12th), University of Bonn, "Stellar populations in gravitationally bound systems"

Behnam Javanmardi , PhD 2017 (February 8th), University of Bonn, "Cosmological investigations on large and small scales"

Seungkyung Oh, PhD 2016 (October 8th), University of Bonn, "The dynamical ejections of massive stars from young star clusters"

Ahmed Hassan Abdullah, PhD 2016 (April 11th), University of Bonn, "On Problems Related to Galaxy Formation"

Fabian Lueghausen, PhD 2015 (Jan.21st), University of Bonn, "Galaxies in Milgromian Dynamics" (co-supervision by Dr. Benoit Famaey, Strasbourg, France). The Phantom of Ramses (PoR) code as a patch to RAMSES. By default the patch comes with the RAMSES code whenever it is downloaded.

Michael Brockamp, PhD 2014 (Sept.29th), University of Bonn, "Massive Black Holes in Galaxies"

Claudia Bruens, PhD 2014 (June.16th), University of Bonn, "A unified formation scenario for the zoo of extended star clusters and ultra-compact dwarf galaxies"

Joerg Dabringhausen, PhD 2013 (Sept.23rd), University of Bonn, "The formation and the stellar populations of dwarf galaxies"

Marcel Pawlowski, PhD 2013 (Aug.22nd), University of Bonn, "On the nature and origin of the dwarf galaxies in the Local Group: Are they tidal dwarf galaxies?"

Michael Marks, PhD 2012 (March), University of Bonn, "Dynamical fingerprints of star cluster formation"

Andreas Kuepper, PhD 2011 (Oct.), University of Bonn, "The dynamical evolution of massive star clusters"

Thomas Maschberger, PhD 2011 (Feb.), University of Bonn, "Star formation in galaxies and star clusters" (co-supervision by Prof. Cathie Clarke, IoA, Cambridge, UK).

Ingo Thies, PhD 2011 (Feb.), Univesity of Bonn, "The origin and nature of brown dwarfs and massive planets"

Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, PhD 2010, Univesity of Bonn, "New aspects of star-cluster physics"

Ulf Loeckmann, PhD March 2009, University of Bonn, "Stellar dynamics in the vicinity of supermassive black holes"

Manuel Metz, PhD 2008, Univesity of Bonn, "Satellite galaxies in the Local Group: CDM subhalos or tidal dwarf galaxies?"

Carsten Weidner, PhD January 2006, University of Bonn, "The initial mass function of stars"

Jorge Penarrubia, PhD March 2003, University of Heidelberg "Satellite dynamics in spiral galaxies with dark matter haloes" (Co-supervision with Andreas Just in Heidelberg)

Mike Fellhauer, PhD February 2001, University of Heidelberg, "Could merged massive stellar clusters build up a dwarf galaxy?" (Co-supervision with Rainer Spurzem in Heidelberg)

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Past members:

Dr. Ahmed Hassan Abdullah, MSc: Disk galaxy spin and the dynamics of dwarf galaxies (DAAD scholar; 2013-2016 in Bonn).

Dipl.-Phys. Sarah Aretz: Proper motion measurements using scanners (co-supervision with PI Dr. Michael Geffert); teaching at a local high school since January 2009

Dr. Sambaran Banerjee: Dynamics of dense stellar systems (Aarseth Nbody codes; AvH Fellow 2009-2010).

Dr. Indranil Banik , AvH Fellow (Oct.2018-2020): Galactic and gravitational dynamics

PD Dr. Holger Baumgardt: Hochschulassistent (2004-2008) and Heisenberg Fellow (2008-2010): Computational stellar dynamics: formation of massive black holes in dense stellar systems, gravitational waves (since 2010 at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, as an ARC Future Fellow).

Dr. Michal Bilek: Galactic-dynamics simulations using the PoR code (in Bonn a few months early 2016)

Chiara Bindi, PhD project (worked for a few months in 2023 with Jaroslav Haas): TBD (stellar dynamics)

Nina Brinkman: Nbody models: the efficiency of forming bound clusters (Master degree 2015)

Dr. Michael Brockamp: Black hole dynamics (computational).

Dr. Claudia Bruens: Computational galactic dynamics: the evolution of star-cluster complexes.

Prof. Dr. Klaas S. de Boer: Stellar populations (observational)

Dr. Thibaut Decressin: Evolution of rotating massive stars; ambundance anomalies in globular clusters (theory).

Dr. Joerg Dabringhausen: Ultra-compact dwarf galaxies as transition objects between star clusters and galaxies (Dipl. and PhD student in Bonn).

Dr. Antonino Del Popolo: Cosmology, density structure of dark-matter halos (June-August 2008; since then permanent staff at the University of Bergamo, Italy).

Dr. Frantisek Dinnbier (Charles University, Prague 2021-2024): The evolution of star clusters (Nbody modelling)

Sushmitha Dixith Ganesh, MSc project: Emergent gravitation (2018-2019, theory)

Cand.-Phys. Felizitas Eschke: SNIa and the accelerating universe (theory, MSc degree 2016).

Dr. Benoit Famey: Theoretical galactic dynamics; alternative gravity (Alexander von Humboldt Fellow)

Dr. Michael Fellhauer (Mike): Ex-PhD student. Computational galactic dynamics: the formation and evolution of dwarf galaxies (since 1.10.2005 at the IoA, Cambridge; since June in Concepcion, Chile, as professor).

Mrs. Neda Ghafourian (visiting March-Sept. 2017; PhD student at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, with Prof. Dr. Mahmood Rosha): The stability of galactic disks in modified (Moffat) gravity (theory).

Dr. Iskren Georgiev: Star cluster populations (observations of star cluster populations).

Dipl.-Phys. Michael Guenther: Proper motion measurements using scanners (co-supervision with PI Dr. Michael Geffert); teaching at a local high school since January 2009

Prof. Dr. Rosa Amelia Gonzalez Lopeslira: Star formation laws in and dynamics of disk galaxies (observations)

Dr. Vasilii Gvaramadze Runaway OB stars, bow shocks, physical conditions in very young star clusters (observational)

Dr. Jaroslav Haas: The stellar IMF and relaxation processes in the central stellar disk around the MW super-massive black hole (theory). PhD student: co-supervision with Dr. Ladislav Subr (June 2007-June 2008; in Prague since then).

Dr. Hosein Haghi: (from IABS Iran). Alternative theories of gravity.

pre-Cand.-Phys. Manuel Hahn: Milky Way satellite galaxies (past Bachelor-Arbeits student).

Moritz Haslbauer, PhD 22.05.2024: Galaxies lacking dark matter, compact groups of galaxies (theory)

Mr. Farooq Hassan, BSc: The mmax--Mecl relation and the IMF (theoretical; MSc: early 2015).

Cand.-Phys. Tobias Isken: Nbody models: From strings to spheres: dynamically equivalent systems. MSc thesis 2014.

Dipl.-Phys. Anton Ippendorf: Dynamical processes of satellite galaxies (diploma end of 2010).

Dr. Behnam Javanmardi: SNIa, the accelerating universe, anisotropy in galaxy distribution and dwarf galaxy satellites with amateur telescopes (DGSAT) project.

Tereza Jerabkova: Stellar populations in gravitationally bound systems (theory, observation and Gaia data analysis).

Cand.-Phys. Lucia Klarmann: The orbital evolution of Milky Way satellite galaxies (theory).

Mr. Alexander Krause, BSc and MSc: The mass function of star clusters (theoretical; MSc thesis finished Oct.2019).

Cand.-Phys. Daniel Kroell: IGIMF Theory.

Cand.-Phys. Matthias Kruckow: The origin of super-canonical stars in young dense star clusters (Nbody computations).

Dr. Andreas Kuepper: The evolution of star clusters and of their tidal tails (Nbody). PhD in 2011 (see above). Recipient of Hubble Fellowship for 2013.

Prof. Dr. Hyung-Mok Lee (Seoul National University; visited Bonn May--August 2013, 2014): Alexander von Humboldt awardee; stellar dynamics, grav.waves, infrared astronomy: first stars.

Dr. Patrick Lieberz: IGIMF theory, the perfect galaxy (PhD in June 2021)

Ms Yunlin Liu, MSc project: Gravitational theory/emergent gravity.

Dr. Ulf Loeckmann: Numerical dynamics within the vicinity of a super-massive black hole (co-supervision with PI Holger Baumgardt; PhD in the Summer of 2009).

Dr. Fabian Lueghauen (still affiliated): The Phantom of Ramses (PoR) code and galaxies in Milgromian dynamics (computational astrophysics; PhD Jan. 2015)

Mr. Hamidreza Mahani (PhD student at the IASBS, Zanjan: 30.03.-15.12.2018, DAAD scholar)

Dr. Gisela Maintz: RR Lyrae stars and the Milky Way potential (collaborator of Prof. Klaas S. de Boer)

Dr. Michael Marks: Star-cluster formation and evolution, binaries in star clusters and Milky Way formation (theoretical and numerical).

Dr. Thomas Maschberger: Young star clusters and the star-formation histories of galaxies (Dipl. and PhD student in Bonn, PhD Feb. 2011)

Mr. Paul Anton Meder (BSc project 2017): The M81 group of galaxies in Milgromian dynamics.

Dr. Manuel Metz: Theoretical research on the cosmological sub-structure problem (Dipl. and PhD student in Bonn, received PhD in August 2008; since Feb. 2009 at DLR in Bonn).

Simon Misof, MSc project (2022-2023, worked with Elena Asencio) Satellite galaxies and dynamical friction (theoretical)

Srikanth Togere Nagesh, Msc Project: ended beginning 2022 Extragalactic/star formation rates of galaxies and comparison with models (PoR modelling)

Cand-Phys. Bhawna Motwani (Indian Institue of Technology Roorkee; visiting May--July 2013 as Intern): The formation of buond star clusters after residual gas expulsion

Dr. Seungkyung Oh: The dynamical evolution of massive-stars in young star clusters (expert on Aarseth Nbody6 code).

MSc Yasna Ordenes: Polar ring galaxies (master student, observational, in co-supervision with Dr. Iskren Georgie, since January 2014 PhD student in Santiago at the Catholica, Chile)

Mr. Benjamin Pages, BSc: Theoretical studies on cosmology and gravity (17.02.-17.03.2016; visiting scholar from Ecole des Mines in Nancy, France).

Dimitrios Papachristopoulos, ERASMUS project (winter semester 2022/23): The star formation histories of nearby galaxies (empirical)

Dr. Genevieve Parmentier: AvH Fellow (until end of 2010): The mass function of star-cluster systems (theory, now at MPIfR).

Dr. Marcel Pawlowski: The formation of tidal-dwarf galaxies and the origin of the satellites of the Milky Way galaxy, implications thereof for cosmology (theory) (Dipl. and PhD student in Bonn until Aug. 2013, then at Case Western, USA).

Cand.-Phys. Miklos Peuten: The Xray flux from dark and other star clusters (theory).

Mr. Armin Rasekh, BSc: Exotic stellar populations in globular clusters (observational, with Andrea Dieball, MSc in 2016)

Cortes Martin Ricardo Adan (visiting Oct. and Nov. 2019; PhD at Universitat Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) with Xavier Hernandez): Yests of gravitational theory

Mr. Shafquat Riaz, MSc project (April 2017-April 2018): Nbody modelling of dark star clusters

Mr. Ghasem Safaei (PhD student at the IASBS, Zanjan: 30.03.-15.12.2018, DAAD scholar)

Dipl.-Phys. Jaroslava Schovancova: Erasmus student from Charles University, Prague (2007): Galactic-centre dynamics (theory, under supervision from Dr. Ladislav Subr).

Dr. Ylva Schuberth: Old star cluster systems (observational).

Mr. Martin Schuermann (BSc project 2017) : 3D collapse of a rotating particle cloud in Milgromian dynamics (theory).

Cand.-Phys. Christine Schulz: Constraining the assembly of galaxy clusters via the distribution of UCDs (theory). Diploma 2014.

Victoria Schuy, MSc 2021: Possible effects of Milgromian dynamics in the outer Solar System (theory, working with Indranil Banik)

Mr. Hossein Shenavar (visiting March-Sept. 2017; PhD student at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, with Dr. Kurosh Javidan): The physical implications of General Relativity using Neumann boundary conditions (theory).

Dipl.-Phys. Michael Sokaliwska: Space-time metric and the Kepler problem, applications of MOND. Researcher until 2014.

Till Stadtler, MSc project (2018): The spheronic universe and emergent gravity (theory)

Dr. Ladislav Subr: Alexander-von-Humboldt Fellow (Jan.2007-Jan.2008; in Prague since then): Runaway-merging in very-young embedded star cluster; the dynamics of stellar systems near massive black holes (theory).

Vasanth Balakrishna Subramani, (MSc Nov.2019): Apparent galaxy evolution in different cosmological models (theory)

Msc Alexandriu Tudorica: Reconstructing star formation histories of galaxies from optical-NIR observations of their star clusters: the dSph galaxy "IKN" (worked with Dr. Iskren Georgiev, observations, master of science Nov. 2012)

Ms. Hajar Vakili, MSc: Modified gravity (MOG) (2015: long-term 2015 visiting PhD student from Sharif University, Teheran, working with Prof. Dr. Sohrab Rahvar ).

Dr. Long Wang, AvH Fellow (Dec.2017-2019): Evolution of globular clusters (Nbody simulations, theory)

Dr. Carsten Weidner: Theoretical research on the stellar initial mass function, galactic populations (PhD late Fall of 2005).

Dr. Xufen Wu: Theoretical galactic dynamics, applications of modified gravitational theories (Alexander von Humboldt Fellow until 2014)

Dr. Xiang Gruess: Evolution of planetary systems and protoplanetary discs (theoretical).

Dr. Yu Xin: Alexander von Humboldt Fellow (2008-2009): Stellar population synthesis (since 2009 at NAO in Beijing).

Dr. Akram Hasani Zonoozi (from IABS, Iran): Nbody models of star clusters.

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