Project Part A6: Magnetic fields in galaxy clusters

Persons involved


The origin and nature of magnetic fields in galaxy clusters are still poorly understood. In this project, we will investigate, both, the origin of magnetic fields in clusters and the effect of magnetic fields on clusters using magnetohydrodynamical simulations.

In the first subproject, we will i) study the field strengths and topology in galaxy clusters, ii) make predictions for magnetic power spectra and create synthetic rotation measure maps, iii) derive constraints on microphysical transport processes from observed cluster profiles and iv) derive constraints on cosmic-ray acceleration efficiencies from radio observations of large-scale shocks.

In the second subproject we will investigate the effect of AGN-driven outflows on cluster mag- netic fields and study the late evolution of radio lobes. We will study how AGN-inflated bubbles change the structure of the intra-cluster magnetic field, how AGN-driven outflows affect Faraday rotation measurements in cluster cores and how radio lobes magnetise the intra-cluster medium.