Topics of the lecture

  1. Introduction
  2. Atomic Pyysics
  3. Continuum radiation
  4. Heating and Cooling

Practice sessions

Summer term 2009
Group Day Time Room Tutor Email
1 Tuesday 15:15 - 16:00 0.05 Ylva Schuberth
2 Friday 10:00 - 10:45 0.05 Alessio Fangano

Problem sheets

Summer term 2009
Exercise Download
I Exercises01.pdf
II Exercises02.pdf
III Exercises03.pdf
IV Exercises04.pdf
V Exercises05.pdf
VI Exercises06.pdf
VII Exercises07.pdf
VII Exercises08.pdf
VII Exercises09.pdf

Lecture Notes (UK's part)

Topic Download
Lecture Notes (UK) InterstellarMedium.pdf
The lecture notes are not spelled out, but are rather a quick word processing of my manuscript. Please, report any typos (that you will surely find)!


Topic Download
Introduction ISM09Lecture1.pdf
Atomic physics AtomicphysicsII.pdf
Continuum radiation Continuum.pdf
Heating and Cooling HeatingandCooling2009.pdf
Neutral Gas Neutral_Gas.pdf
Neutral Hydrogen Neutral_Hydrogen.pdf
Molecular Gas Molecular_Gas.pdf
Ionized Gas Ionized_Gas.pdf
Chemistry Chemistry.pdf
Hot Gas Hot_Gas.pdf