Angie Veronica

Hi! My name is Angie Veronica, Ph.D. candidate at the Dark Energy Team. My research focuses on galaxy clusters and large scale structures of the Universe.

I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Physics at the University of Leipzig and my Master's degree in Astrophysics at the University of Bonn. For my Master's thesis, I did imaging and spectral analyses of the interacting galaxy cluster system, the Abell 3391 and Abell 3395, utilizing data taken by X-ray space telescopes eROSITA, XMM-Newton, and ROSAT.
The eROSITA View of the Abell 3391/95 Field: The Northern Clump (MCXC J0621.7-5242)
The Northern Clump
The Northern Clump is a small galaxy cluster residing at the filament north of the Abell 3391 cluster
(©Veronica et al.).