LOFAR Long-Baseline Group

Information in this area is contributed by individuals. It does not necessarily reflect official views of LOFAR, the ILT or any other body, not even of the full LBG as such.

Note that much of the information here is outdated!!

This wiki

This wiki will be used for discussions and results of the working group concentrating on long baselines for LOFAR. Most parts are public and can be read (but not modified) by everybody. In order to see the private section you have to be a member of the group and log in.

You cannot register yourself but have to ask Olaf Wucknitz for an account.

After logging in, you can set up email notification by clicking on the Manage Subscription button below. Updates on individual pages or whole namespaces (e.g. lbg for the entire LBG wiki) are possible.

Help on the wiki usage is available via the DOKUWIKI button on the lower right.

In case of problems, please contact me.

We want to have most of our discussions on the USG forum. Please do not emails (if possible) but post your contributions there. This wiki is meant for more detailed presentations of results etc. If you add anything of importance here, please also post a link to the forum so that everybody has a chance to find the new results. You can also include images that reside on the wiki into forum posts. Documents that do not fit in the hierarchy here can be dumped here.

When you add new sections to the hierarchy, please also update the sidebar (click on This sidebar).

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