Fourier series


Play interactively with different waveforms, apply Fourier filters,

listen to them






Play interactively with convolution using functions that you can create yourself using the mouse.



The joy of convolution


Play interactively with convolution using different functions



Fourier Transform and Diffraction


Watch the behaviour of diffraction patterns using slits with varying sizes,

using light with different wavelengths



Fourier Transform Experimentation


Play with Fourier transforms on 2-D images, where you may use your own

images; apply various filters in the Fourier domain and see the results

in the image domain


Interactive Fourier Transform


Use gif images and play with the FFT. Filter them in various ways.


Antenna applet


Watch the reception pattern of a linear array with a varying number of

elements, element separation, and phase shift




Virtual Radio Interferometer


Play interactively with various interferometers that actually exist.

Use different sources and (u,v)-coverages to see the effect of such

incomplete apertures on the resulting images.