eROSITA simulator

The simulation itself can be run applying the command:


All necessary information on how to run the events simulator, how to create the required SIMPUT files and on what aspects need to be consired in between the individual simulation steps are given in the example folder /vol/zaphod/raid7/erosita/Sixte_Guide, along with three instruction files "eventssimulator.txt", "eventanalysis.txt" and "resolution.txt". Several example files for each simulation step are also stored in this directory. The instruction files will guide you through a simulation of an events file of a galaxy cluster as an extrended source and a final analysis of the simulated source spectrum. Both pointed and survey mode simulations are included in the instructions. For your own test simulations, feel free to copy the folder to your own working directory.

The simulator can also be used to create event files for other instruments. This feature as well as the over-all documentation of this software are explained in the PhD thesis by Christian Schmid.

If you have any problems please contact Florian Pacaud.

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