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It may happens that other softwares goes in conlict with SAS. Here an example provided by Gerrit of how to solve the problem. If you want to make e.g. gnuplot run together with SAS follow this procedure:

1) Create a directory (e.g. ~/SASHACK) where you put one script for each tool which is not working.

2) Create a file with the same name as your tool (~/SASHACK/gnuplot)

3) content of the file:
task=`echo $0 | sed 's:.*/::'`
exec $task "$@"

4) Make the file executable (chmod uog+rx ~/SASHACK/gnuplot)

5) Either alias to the new file:
alias gnuplot ~/SASHACK/gnuplot
or add the directory to your system PATH variable:

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