ADD_CHANDRA_IMAGES.csh Often upon region filtering an image and exposure map,
they are slightly different sizes. After making a template of zeros from the larger of the two images
(with e.g. farith image1 image1 template SUB), this tool can be used to properly rescale the smaller image to
the larger one.

DOA.csh This program determines the average optical axis position
of the MECS2 and MECS3 combined in both X,Y and DETX,DETY. It
gives the distance of the mean in arcmin.

EPNRMFGEN.csh Generates canned response files for a given observation. From these canned responses
The tool epn_rmf_creator.csh creates an event weighted rmf for an arbitrary region.

epn_rmf_creator.csh Creates an event weighted rmf for an arbitrary region using the output
from EPNRMFGEN.csh

MEAN_EFFAREA.csh Determines the mean effective area of an ARF for a given energy range.

psrotate Rotates a postscript file from landscape to portrait.

pstogif_large A tool written by Eric Tittley to convert a postscript file to a GIF file. Useful for presentations.

set_new_pfiles Sets up new parameter file folders for a given shell so
that multiple CIAOs can be run without interfering with each other.

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