There is a new version available for both the simulator and the instrument calibration files, which is now installed on our software repository. The new version (2.3.0) is now the default.

Note that there has been significant changes in the instrument files.

For Athena:
  • the WFI and XIFU files have been separated in two distinct folders.
  • The new XML files can be found in athena-wfi athena-xifu folders
  • The WFI has two models for 19/15 rows of mirrors both w/wo filter.
  • The vignetting model was updated. It is still a step function of photon energy, but the new 10 steps are far better than the old 2.
  • The particle background did not change.
  • A far as can see, the straylight is still not included.
  • There seems to have been fewer upgrades for the XIFU.
  • New effective areas are available with the real filter sets (telescopes 2 and 5 have an on-chip filter, others not).
  • The energy response has also been updated.
  • A keyword change in the eROSITA background file, RATE, which may indicate a change in normalization (a factor of 6.6 lower now).

I below remind you of the instructions to load the SIXTE software:

1) To load the software:
# Bash
. /vol/software/software/astro/sixte/sixte-init.csh

# Csh
source /vol/software/software/astro/sixte/

2) To select another version of the software:
set environment variable SIXTEVER to the desired value before loading the sixte-init

3) Available version:
2.1.0, 2.1.1, 2.2.0, 2.3.0 and LATEST

4) Github repository:
LATEST is not a link to 2.3.0 but a compiled version of the development version obtained from the Bamaberg GitHub repository. Right now, it should be almost the same as 2.3.0, but I can recompile on demand, whenever we think that some useful change has been made which was not yet released on the website.

If you have any problems please contact Florian Pacaud.

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