Tidal Dwarf Galaxies Bonn 2009:
Ghosts from structure formation

Physics Centre Bad Honnef (Germany), May 25-29, 2009

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In the early universe, gas-rich galaxy–galaxy encounters were very frequent. Numerical simulations and observations demonstrate that in such encounters gaseous tidal tails formed that fragmented into dwarf-galaxy sized star-forming regions. The formation of such 'tidal-dwarf galaxies' (TDGs) may have been very frequent. This meeting had addressed how common such TDGs may be, what they would look like and which properties they would have now.


The meeting was sponsored by the » Stellar Populations and Dynamics Research Group at the AIfA and the DFG Priority Programme SPP 1177 » "Witnesses of Cosmic History: Formation and evolution of black holes, galaxies and their environment". The meeting was also supported by the European Science Foundation through » ASTROSIM, and by » the German Science Foundation, DFG.

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