PROGRAMME:   Mon. June 20, 2016 @ MPIfR/AIfA
Neutron Stars at all Wavelengths

All talks: 12+3 min.

Session I:   Chair: T. Tauris
11:00-13:00: Highlights and general news on neutron stars (new research results)
  E. Keane (The Host Galaxy of a Fast Radio Burst)
  L. Spitler (A Repeating Fast Radio Burst)
  R. Ardevol (The Quest for Gold: r-process Element Production in NS-NS Mergers)
  M. Kruckow (Common Envelopes and Formation of NS-NS and BH-BH Binaries)
  A. Wongwathanarat (NS kicks from SN simulations)
  M. Kehl (Constraining the NS Moment of Inertia)
  E. Zhou (Estimating the Final Spin and B-field for Merging NSs)


Session II:   Chair: M. Kramer
14:00-15:45: Neutron Stars at all Wavelengths (presentations and discussions)
  A. Ridolfi (New Results from Four Elusive Binary Pulsars in 47 Tucanae)
  M. Berezina (Two Binaries from the HTRU-North)
  S. Johnston (Magnetic Inclination Angles and Viewing Geometry from γ-Ray Pulsars)
  P. Torne (Observing Pulsars at Millimetre Wavelengths)
  A. M. Pires (Thermally Emitting Isolated NSs in the eROSITA Sky)
  U. Geppert (Gravitational Wave Emission from "Standard" Radio Pulsars)


Session III:   Chair: Ph. Podsiadlowski
16:15-17:45: Neutron Stars at all Wavelengths (presentations and discussions)
  J. Martinez (PSR J0453+1559: A Double NS System with a Large Mass Asymmetry)
  M. Cieslar (Population Synthesis of Pulsars in the Milky Way)
  W.W. Zhu (Testing Gravitational Symmetries with PSR J1713+0747)
  P. Freire (The Mystery of Eccentric MSPs)
  J. Cordes (Timing Noise Spectra for MSPs for PTA Noise Budgets)

18:30: Dinner at Harmonie a local restaurant in Endenich - at your own expense.   

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