There is no fee to be paid.
  Please, indicate if you would like to give a presentation (and send us an abstract).
  Note: There is only time available for a limited number of short presentations.
  (The main emphasis is on discussions).


Ralf Ballhausen    ralf.ballhausen (at)
Cees Bassa    bassa (at)
Bhaswati Bhattacharyya    bhaswati.bhattacharyya (at)
Rene Breton    rene.breton (at)
Andrew Cameron    acameron (at)
David Champion    davidjohnchampion (at)
Ismael Cognard    icognard (at)
Andrea Dieball    adieball (at)
Ralph Eatough    reatough (at)
Chris Elenbaas    cpc.elenbaas (at)
Heino Falcke    h.falcke (at)
Sebastian Falkner    sebastian.falkner (at)
Rob Fender    rob.fender (at)
Bruno Franzon    franzon (at)
Paulo Freire    pfreire (at)
Eleni Graikou  nbsp; egraikou (at)
Jean-Mathias Griessmeier    jean-mathias.griessmeier (at)
Craig Heinke    heinke (at)
Jason Hessels    j.w.t.hessels (at)
Michael Hippke    michael (at)
Leon Houben    lhouben (at)
Aris Karastergiou    aris.karastergiou (at)
Evan Keane    evan.keane (at)
Marcel Kehl    marcelkehl (at)
Michael Kramer    mkramer (at)
Matthias Kruckow    mkruckow (at)
Wolfgang Kundt    wkundt (at)
Matthias Kühnel    matthias.kuehnel (at)
Norbert Langer    langer (at)
Patrick Lazarus    patricklazarus (at)
Kuo Liu    kliu.psr (at)
Andrew Lyne    andrew.g.lyne (at)
Daniele Michilli    danielemichilli (at)
Vincent Morello    vmorello (at)
Takashi Moriya    moriyatk (at)
Fabrice Mottez    fabrice.mottez (at)
Samaya Nissanke    samaya (at)
Aristeidis Noutsos    anoutsos (at)
Franck Octau    foctau (at)
Emily Petroff    epetroff (at)
Philipp Podsiadlowski   podsi (at)
Jorg Rachen    j.rachen (at)
Joanna Rankin    joanna.rankin (at)
Armin Rasekh    rasekh (at)
Andreas Reisenegger    areisene (at)
Luciano Rezzolla    rezzolla (at)
Alessandro Ridolfi    ridolfi (at)
Debashis Sanyal    dsanyal (at)
Reinhold Schaaf    rschaaf (at)
Armen Sedrakian    sedrakian (at)
Laura Spitler    lspitler (at)
Ben Stappers    ben.stappers (at)
Thomas Tauris    tauris (at)
Pablo Torne    ptorne (at)
Joachim Trümper   jtrumper (at)
Joeri van Leeuwen    leeuwen (at)
Charlie Walker    charles.walker (at)
Anna Watts    a.l.watts (at)
Zhu Weiwei    zhuwwpku (at)
Jason Wu    jwu (at)
Olaf Wucknitz    wucknitz (at)

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