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  There is no fee to be paid.
  Please, indicate if you would like to give a presentation (and send us an abstract).
  Note: There is only time available for a limited number of short presentations.
  (The main emphasis is on discussions).


Anne Archibald    archibald (at)
Ralf Ballhausen    Ralf.Ballhausen (at)
Rene Breton    rene.breton (at)
Andrew Cameron    acameron (at)
David Champion    champion (at)
Ismael Cognard    icognard (at)
Caroline D'Angelo    caroline.dangelo (at)
Adam Deller    deller (at)
Gregory Desvignes    gdesvignes (at)
Andrea Dieball    adieball (at)
Sebastian Falkner    sebastian.falkner (at)
Michael Geffert    geffert (at)
Eleni Graikou    egraikou (at)
Nina Gusinskaia    geminga.neiman (at)
Juan Hernandez Santisteban    j.v.hernandez (at)
Jason Hessels    j.w.t.hessels (at)
Andrei Igoshev    A.Igoshev (at)
Alina Istrate    aistrate (at)
Amruta Jaodand    amruta.jaodand (at)
Axel Jessner    jessner (at)
Ramesh Karuppusamy    ramesh (at)
Marcel Kehl    marcelkehl (at)
Matthias Kruckow    mkruckow (at)
Wolfgang Kundt    wkundt (at)
Norbert Langer    langer (at)
Patrick Lazarus    plazarus (at)
Oliver Lux    olux (at)
Pablo Marchant    pamarca (at)
James Mckee    james.mckee (at)
Daniele Michilli    danielemichilli (at)
Roberto Mignani    r.mignani (at)
Klim Mikhailov    mixklim (at)
Takashi Moriya    moriyatk (at)
Fabrice Mottez    fabrice.mottez (at)
Bernhard Mueller    B.Mueller (at)
Patrick Neunteufel    neunteufel (at)
Samaya Nissanke    samaya (at)
Franck Octau    franck.octau (at)
Stefan Oslowski    soslowski (at)
Sterl Phinney    esp (at)
Philipp Podsiadlowski    podsi (at)
Elliott Polzin    elliott.polzin (at)
Nataliya Porayko    nporayko (at)
Armin Rasekh    rasekh (at)
Alessandro Ridolfi    ridolfi (at)
Sotiris Sanidas    sotiris.sanidas (at)
Debashis Sanyal    dsanyal (at)
Reinhold Schaaf    rschaaf (at)
Golam Shaifullah    golam.shaifullah (at)
Agnieszka Slowikowska    aga (at)
Yudai Suwa    suwa (at)
Koh Takahashi    ktakahashi (at)
Thomas Tauris    tauris (at)
Sander ter Veen    s.terveen (at)
Caterina Tiburzi    ctiburzi (at)
Pablo Torne    ptorne (at)
Zhu Weiwei    zhuwwpku (at)
Norbert Wex    wex (at)

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