PROGRAMME:   Mon. Nov. 30, 2015 @ Poppelsdorfer Schloss
Different Flavors of MSPs and their Connections

All talks: 12+3 min.

Session I:   Chair: N. Langer
11:00-13:00: Highlights and general news on neutron stars (new research results)
  T. Moriya (Magnetar-powered SNe Mimicking 56Ni-powered SNe)
  Y. Suwa (Neutrino-driven Explosions of Ultra-stripped Type Ic SNe)
  A. Slowikowska (Orbital Parameters of the HMXB SAX J2103.5+4545)
  N. Wex (After 100 years, confronting Einstein's gravity with the Double Pulsar)
  M. Kruckow (A New Pop.Synth. Code for NS/BH Binaries)
  A. Igoshev (Probability Distributions for Pulsar Distance and Luminosity)
  A. Ridolfi (Latest News from 47 Tucanae)
  G. Shaifullah (21 year timing - J2015-0827)


Session II:   Chair: J. Hessels
14:00-15:45: Different Flavors of MSPs + Connections (presentations and discussions)
  R. Mignani (Multi-wavelength Observations of 3FGLJ2039.6-5618: a New Redback MSP)
  R. Breton (The Redback PSR J2129-0429)
  J. Hernandez Santisteban (HST Observations of the Missing Link PSR J1023+0038)
  A. Deller (Outflows from Transitional MSPs)
  S. Oslowski (The Wonder Eclipse Event of PSR J2051-0827)
  F. Octau (J1618-3919 and other Eccentric MSPs)


Session III:   Chair: Ph. Podsiadlowski
16:15-17:45: Different Flavors of MSPs + Connections (presentations and discussions)
  S. Phinney (New Results on the Physics of Redback/Transitional MSPs)
  A. Jaodand (Understanding the Accretion Phase in Transitional MSPs)
  F. Mottez (Heating of Pulsar Companions by Pulsar Waves)
  J. Hessels (Closing Remarks)

18:30: Dinner at La Loca (Spanish Tapas restaurant) - at your own expense.
     (located 300 m from venue)

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