PROGRAMME:   Wed. Mar.5, 2014 @ MPIfR / AIfA
Final Fate of Massive Stars

All talks: 12+3 min.

11:00-13:00: Highlights and general news on neutron stars (new research results)
  N. Langer (Welcome)
  N. Langer (The Evolutionary State of SGXBs)
  N. Tetzlaff (Origin of the Young Pulsar J0826+2637 and Its Possible Former Companion)
  B. Dincel (Discovery of an OB Runaway Star inside SNR S147)
  L. Guillemot (Gamma-ray Detectability and Viewing Geometry of MSPs)
  M. Massi (Intrinsic Physical Properties and Doppler Boosting Effects in LSI+61303)
  P. Freire (Rotationally-Delayed AIC and Direct Formation of MSPs)


14:00-15:45: Final Fate of Massive Stars (presentations and discussions)
  S. Chaty (HMXBs: Triggering Stellar Formation in their Close Environment)
  I. Petermann (Pre-supernova Evolution of Massive Single and He Stars)
  T. Moriya (Fallback Supernovae and Origin of Rapidly-Evolving Faint Supernovae)
  T. Tauris (Ultra-stripped Type Ic Supernovae in Close Binaries)
  M. Kramer (Double Neutron Star Systems)
  N. Nishimura (The r-process Nucleosynthesis of Binary Neutron Star Mergers)


16:15-17:45: Final Fate of Massive Stars (presentations and discussions)
  S. Repetto (Black Hole Kicks - Constraints from Observations)
  T. Janka (Kicks Imparted on Neutron Stars and Black Holes)
  Ph. Podsiadlowski (Thorne-Zytkow Objects)
  T. Janka (Closing Remarks)

18:45: Dinner at restaurant Meyer's - at your own expense.

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