PROGRAMME:   Mon. Oct.27, 2014 @ MPIfR / AIfA   (Venue: Uni. Bonn, Festsaal)
Origin and Evolution of Neutron Star B-fields

All talks: 12+3 min.

Session I    Chair: Ph. Podsiadlowski
11:00-13:00: Highlights and general news on neutron stars (new research results)
  T. Tauris (Welcome)
  P. Torne (High-frequency radio obs. of the Galactic Centre Magnetar J1745-2900)
  J. van Leeuwen (The LOFAR Pulsar Surveys)
  W. Kundt (How do Pulsars Blow their Winds?)
  R. Mignani (Pulsar Polarimetry)
  A. Istrate (MSPs in Tight Orbits with Low-mass He WDs: a Finetuning Problem)
  M. Kramer (Torque Changes in the Crab Pulsar and other Young NSs)
  A. Patruno (Deep Pulse Search in LMXBs: Implications for the Magnetic Field)


Session II    Chair: W. Becker
14:00-15:45: Origin and Evolution of NS B-fields (presentations and discussions)
  L. Fossati (Evidence of Magnetic Field Decay in Massive Stars)
  J. Braithwaite (Magnetic Field during the Birth of a Neutron Star)
  A. Sedrakian (Effects of B-fields on Cooling of Neutron Stars)
  F. Schwarm (Cyclotron resonant scattering features in the line forming region of highly magnetized NSs)
  D. Chatterjee (Neutron Star Structure in Strong Magnetic Fields)
  C. D'Angelo (Using Magnetized Neutron Stars to Test Accretion Models)


Session III    Chair: N. Langer
16:15-17:45: Origin and Evolution of NS B-fields (presentations and discussions)
  W. Ho (Equilibrium Spin Pulsars Unite Neutron Star Populations)
  M. Gabler (Magnetar Oscillations)
  S. Falkner (Relativistic Light Bending around Neutron Stars)
  R. Staubert (Secular Decay of Cyclotron Line Energy in Hercules X-1)
  S. Oslowski (Evolution on the P-Pdot Diagram and Decay of the Magnetic Field)
  N. Langer (Closing remarks)

18:30: Dinner at restaurant Tuscolo "Münsterblick" - at your own expense.
          (<200 m from venue at Gerhard-von-Are-Straße 8)

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