PROGRAMME:   Mon. Dec.16, 2013 @ MPIfR / AIfA
Neutron Stars in Globular Clusters and Triples

All talks: 12+3 min.

11:00-13:00: Highlights and general news on neutron stars (new research results)
  T. Tauris (Welcome)
  R. Eatough (A Magnetar in the Galactic Centre)
  S. Guillot (The NS Radius and the Dense-Matter EoS)
  I. Tews (EoS and NS Properties Constrained by Nuclear Physics and Observations)
  L. Spitler (Discovery of the First PALFA Fast Radio Burst)
  V. Hambaryan (Discovery of a New Neutron Star X-ray Transient)
  R. Neuhäuser (Search for Pairs of NSs and Run-away Stars from SNe in Binaries)
  A. Patruno (A Report on the Current State Change of PSR J1023+0038)
   Open discussions


14:00-15:45: Neutron Stars in GCs and Triple systems (presentations and discussions)
  J. Hessels (M28I & J1023+0038: the Missing Links Go Missing, but Provide a New Link)
  A. Archibald (The Triple System PSR J0337+17: Orbital Interactions are a Blessing not a Curse)
  T. Tauris (The Triple Millisecond Pulsar: A Remarkable Formation History)
  A. Corongiu (Results from Parkes Observations of Southern Globular Clusters)
  M. Servillat (Atmosphere Composition of Quiescent Accreting NSs in Globular Clusters)
   Open discussions


16:15-17:45: Neutron Stars in GCs and Triple systems (presentations and discussions)
  P. Freire (Pulsar Interactions and Recycling in Globular Clusters)
  F. Kirsten (Astrometry of Pulsars in M15)
  S. ter Veen (Searching for Pulsars in M15 with LOFAR)
   Open discussions
  P. Freire (Closing Remarks)

19:00: Dinner at cafe-restaurant Bon(n)gout - at your own expense.   

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