PROGRAMME:   Mon. Feb.27, 2012 @ MPIfR / AIfA
Masses of Neutron Stars and White Dwarfs

All talks: 12+3 min.     A photo from the workshop (by W. Becker)

11:00-13:00: Highlights and general news on neutron stars (new research results)
  T. Tauris (Welcome) + (Spin-Down of Radio Millisecond Pulsars at Genesis)
  L. Guillemot (Gamma-ray Observations of Millisecond Pulsars with the Fermi LAT)
  J. Hessels (An Update on Pulsar Observations with LOFAR)
  A. Patruno (The Exceptional Binary Evolution of the Mildly Recycled Accreting Pulsar IGR J17480-2446)
  T. Janka (Systematics of Progenitor-Remnant Connection for Neutrino-Driven Supernova Explosions)
  A. Noutsos (The Correlation Between Pulsar Spins and Velocities: Observational Clues)
  T. Fischer (Massive Star Explosions and the Birth of Neutron Star Progenitors)
   Open discussions


14:00-15:45: Masses of neutron stars and white dwarfs (presentations and discussions)
  N. Langer (Final Masses from Stellar Evolution)
  E. van den Heuvel (Formation of Neutron Stars in Globular Clusters)
  Ph. Podsiadlowski (The Origin of Neutron Star Masses)
  S. Weissenborn (Constraining the Dense Matter Equation of State using Observations of Massive Neutron Stars)
  V. Hambaryan (Constraints of the Compactness of the Isolated Neutron Stars via X-ray Phase-Resolved Spectroscopy)
  A. Schwenk (Constraints on Neutron Stars from Chiral Effective Field Theory Interactions)
   Open discussions


16:15-17:45: Masses of neutron stars and white dwarfs (presentations and discussions)
  C. Bassa (Optical Observations of White Dwarf Pulsar Companions)
  J. Antoniadis (White Dwarf and Neutron Star Masses from Optical Spectroscopy)
  P. Freire (New Measurements of Millisecond Pulsar Masses in Globular Clusters)
  S.-C. Yoon (On the Super-Chandrasekhar Mass Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae)
  R. Voss (Mass-Transfer Variability and the Mass Growth of White Dwarfs)
   Open discussions
  M. Kramer (Closing remarks)

Dinner at 19:00 at Brauhaus Bönnsch - at your own expense.    (Address: Sterntorbrücke 4, 53111 Bonn)

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