PROGRAMME:   Mon. Oct.22, 2012 @ MPIfR / AIfA
Intermittent and glitching pulsars

All talks: 12+3 min.

11:00-13:00: Highlights and general news on neutron stars (new research results)
  T. Tauris (Welcome)
  T. Prinz (A Search for X-ray Counterparts of Radio Pulsars - Implications for NS cooling)
  J. Hessels (A Millisecond Pulsar in a Triple System)
  G. Kanbach (Extreme Optical Outbursts from a 'Magnetar-like' Transient Source: SWIFT J1955+26)
  J. Trümper (The Quiescent X-ray emission of AXPs and SGRs - Powered by Accretion from a Fallback Disk)
  R. Neuhäuser (The AD 774/5 Cosmic-Ray Event - a Nearby SN or a Galactic Short GRB?)
  J. Antoniadis (Discovery of a Relativistic Binary with a 2 M_sun NS and a WD)
  M. Lyutikov (Relating Bursts, Radio, X-ray Lum. and Spin-down in Magnetars)
   Open discussions


14:00-15:45: Intermittent and glitching pulsars (presentations and discussions)
  M. Kramer (Intermittent Pulsars)
  C. Espinoza (Glitches in Radio Pulsars)
  W. Hermsen (Synchronous X-ray and Radio Mode Changing in a Pulsar)
  A. Karastergiou/P. Brook (Variability in PSR J0738-4042)
  W. Ho (Superfluid Pulsar Glitches: The Crust is Not Enough)
  A. Jessner (Intermittent Radio Emission from Pulsars - The Implication for Magnetospheric Models)
   Open discussions


16:15-17:45: Intermittent and glitching pulsars (presentations and discussions)
  A. Sedrakian (Timing Anomalies in Pulsars and Their Theoretical Modelling)
  S. Boutloukos (Intermittency and Paucity of Accretion-powered Millisecond X-ray Pulsars)
  M. Hohle (RX J0720: a Slow-motion Glitch that Ejected Oxygen?)
  A. Noutsos (Pulsar Ages and the Evolution of Pulsar Spin-Velocity Alignment)
   Open discussions
  W. Becker (Closing remarks)

Dinner at 19:00 at Bierhaus Machold - at your own expense.    (Address: Heerstraße 52, 53111 Bonn)

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