Astronomy: Galaxies and Cosmology

Contents of the course on Galaxies and Cosmology

W. Seggewiss, Sternwarte Bonn and

P.L. Biermann, MPIfR Bonn

(A course in the Wintersemester)

The class deals with the basic topics of galaxies, their evolution and cosmology.
Specific topics covered are:

The course is part of B I P P: Bonn International Physics Programme

Literature will be given and distributed during the course.
There is a write-up in English!

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You may refer back to:   Sternwarte Bonn and Astronomische Institute der Univ. Bonn,  
Max-Plack-Institut für Radioastronomie and the Group Theory of P.L. Biermann at the MPIfR;
Fachgruppe Physik-Astronomie,  

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