Third Aarseth N-body meeting in Bonn

It has now become a tradition to hold an informal meeting focussed on stellar dynamics and stellar populations oriented topics when Sverre Aarseth of the Institute of Astronomy (IoA), Cambridge, U.K. visits the Stellar Populations and Dynamics Research (SPODYR) group of the Argelander-Institut fuer Astronomie (AIfA) in Bonn, Germany each year shortly before Christmas. Such a trend dates back to the Hoher List Observatory meetings. The "Aarseth N-body meetings" offers N-body and star-cluster experts an informal exchange with discussion-talks and evening visits to the Bonn Christmas market.

Like the previous years, the meeting will consist of informal talks and discussions thereafter. There can be some additional discussion sessions as questions and issues come up. And, of course, there will be ventures to the Christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt) in Bonn during the evenings.

The Christmas market in Bonn is one of the most lively and famous one in the region where you can get excellent gluehwines (traditional hot, sweetened wine). There are also ample freshly prepared food and sweets available as well as nice Christmas gifts to shop.

Christmas market

Christmas market in Bonn. Image courtesy: "ZapTravel"

Previous Aarseth N-body meetings

First Aarseth N-body meeting. December 19-22, 2011.
Second Aarseth N-body meeting. December 3-5, 2012.

Venue: Argelander-Institut fuer Astronomie (University of Bonn)

Here is How to reach there and the address. The talks will take place in the lecture rooms of the Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy (MPIfR) located adjacent to the AIfA.

Exactly when? December 11-13, 2013

Confirmed participants

Sverre Aarseth (Cambridge)

Pau Amaro-Seoane (Potsdam)

Sambaran Banerjee (Bonn)

Christian Boily (Strasbourg)

Patrick Brem (Potsdam)

Andreas Breslau (Bonn)

Sotiris Chatzopoulos (Garching)

Xian Chen (Potsdam)

Ross Church (Lund)

Stefan Gillessen (Garching)

Jaroslav Haas (Prague)

Lucia Klarmann (Bonn)

Christina Korntreff (Bonn)

Pavel Kroupa (Bonn)

Christian Maureira Fredes (Potsdam)

Vaclav Pavlik (Prague)

Susanne Pfalzner (Bonn)

Simon Portegies Zwart (Leiden)

Andrea Stolte (Bonn)

Ladislav Subr (Prague)

Anna Lisa Varri (Edinburgh)

Kirsten Vincke (Bonn)


Please find the detailed program here.

Some last-minute modifications of the program can be expected.

General info:

Hotel information

We recommend the following hotels during your stay in Bonn.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance in booking your hotel.

Practical information

Location: The talks will take place in the lecture room 0.02 of the Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy (MPIfR) located adjacent to the AIfA. The room is equipped with projectors, desks and power supplies.
The AIfA and the MPIfR are housed in adjacent buildings which you can easily locate by the signboards. Reach for the front glass entrance door of the MPIfR section (you might have to ring a door bell). You will find the lecture rooms in the ground floor.

Internet: Each guest will be provided with a login information and instructions to use the MPIfR's wireless network. If you wish, you can also use the "Eduroam" network.

Lunch: There are a few options for luncheon in the neighbourhood, namely,
(a) A bunch of us can go to the "Deutsche Telekom" canteen; about 15 min walk from the Institute. One needs to buy a "meal card" for 5 Euros, refundable on return, to buy any item from this canteen.
(b) One can go to any of the nearby restaurants. There is a fast-food center ("Burger your beef") next to the Institute. You can find German, Chinese, Turkish and other eating centers along the nearby "Endenicher Strasse"'s pedestrian zone, all within 20 min walk from the Institute.
(c) One can use the MPIfR canteen located at the fourth floor of the building.

Dinner: We strongly encourage the guests to visit the Christmas Market at the Bonn city-center every evening and have dinner there along with Gluehwine! We shall go there together! Just in case, here is a list of restaurants in the neighbourhood of the Institute (within 20 min walking distance):
The Fiddlers. Famous Irish Pub in Bonn. The food (veg and non-veg) is also excellent. Food available at least until 11:00 pm. A bit noisy too!
Harmonie. Traditional German pub; for both excellent food (veg and non-veg) and the local Koelsch beer. Food available at least until 11:00 pm.
Pelato. Well known Italian restaurant.
Gasthaus Nolden. Well known traditional German restaurant.


Sambaran Banerjee (organizer)
Phone (office): +49 (0) 228 733461

Pavel Kroupa (co-organizer)
Phone (office): +49 (0) 228 736140