Seminar der Astrophysik / The Astrophysics Seminar
WS 2012-2013.


Course #6961   /  module astro894

Elective Seminar for the Master of Astrophysics, 4 credit points

Wahlpflichtseminar in Experimentalphysik (Hauptstudium)

Mondays, 14:00 - 15:30, HS Astronomy, room 0.008 (changed!!), AIfA, Auf dem Hügel 71.
The first organizational meeting takes place on Monday, October 8, 2012 at 14:00.
Supervision: astronomy lecturers and group leaders.
Organizaton: Thomas Reiprich.

This is the primary seminar for Master of Astrophysics students.

Each student selects a topic, on which they will report. For the list of available topics see below.

Preparation of Talks:
Material for the seminar is provided by the supervisors (copies of papers, pens, transparencies, slides, overhead, beamer).
If you wish to use a beamer, please contact your supervisor ahead of time!

Quality of Talks:
This may be the first time that you encounter up-to-date scientific
literature in the form of research papers. Research papers
are not easy to read, and this is one of the hurdles you will need
to pass on your way to giving the talk.

A research paper typically contains references to other papers. Which of these
you should follow-up will be clarified by talking to your supervisor.
Following-up some of the cited literature will teach you how to navigate the
manifold of professional literature.

The talks ought to be prepared for the benefit of
your fellow students. Therefore this is an excellent chance to
practice your didactic skills. The aim is to communicate science.
Afer your talk, your supervisor will provide feedback on the scientific content as well as on your presentation style.

While the talks may be held in German, the supervisors strongly encourage
you to talk in English, as this benefits your training.

Scheine / certificates:
This course is worth 4 credit points (Master of Astrophysics students). The corresponding certificate ("Schein" for Diplom Physik students)  is awarded if the
student  (a) attends the seminars of the other students and (b) gives a successful presentation.
The certificate can be picked up in the office of Ms. Ellen Vasters on the third floor (room 3.004, phone 73-3676) at the
end of the semester.

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