Seminar der Astrophysik / The Astrophysics Seminar


Course #6961   (WS 2007/08)

Elective Seminar in Experimental Physics (Advanced Studies)

Wahlpflichtseminar in Experimentalphysik (Hauptstudium)

Mondays, 14 ct (14:15), HS 0.03, AIfA, Auf dem Hügel 71.
(Presentation of topics with all participants Monday, 15th October 2007 in HS 0.03, AIfA.)
Supervised by all astronomy lecturers.
Organizaton: Uli Klein  (Tel. 73-3674,

Preparation of Talks:
Material for the seminar is provided by the supervisors (copies of papers, pens, transparencies,
slides, overhead, beamer). If you wish to use a beamer, contact your supervisor in time!

Quality of Talks:
This will be the first time that you encounter up-to-date scientific literature in the form of
research papers. Research papers are not easy to read, and this is one of the hurdles
you will need to pass on your way to giving the talk.

A research paper typically contains references to other papers. Which of these you should
follow-up will be clarified by talking to your supervisor. Following-up some of the cited
literature will teach you how to navigate the manifold of professional literature.

The talks ought to be prepared for the benefit of your fellow students. Therefore this is an
excellent chance to practice your didactic skills. The aim is to communicate science.
Note: Avoid  black  or  blue  backgrounds  as  these  put  the  audience  to  sleep. 
Best is to use a simple white background with black or blue letters for the writing.

While the talks may be held in German, the supervisors strongly encourage you to talk
in English, as this benefits your training.

A variety of topics are offered:

Presentation of topics U. Klein et al.            ----



Modified gravity without dark matter Shi Xun
B. Ziegler

Cosmology with X-Ray Cluster Surveys
Leema Karuvallil
T. Reiprich
Jet disc coupling in black hole binaries Lucia Klarmann
M. Massi

Saturn's rotation and the role of tiny Enceladus Lars Flöer
M. Bird
The cold gaseous halo of NGC 891 Verena Darmstädter
U. Klein
The Cosmic Eye: A very bright, highly magnified Lyman-break galaxy at z=3.07 Nina Roth
P. Schneider
Lakes on Titan Marc Hofmann
M. Bird
Astrometry of Galactic Star Forming Region Sharpless 269 with VERA :
Parallax Measurements and Constraint on Outer Rotation Curve

Tugca Sener
A. Brunthaler
Holiday (Rosenmontag)

Subjects will be presented by the supervisors (please contact them) on the first (organizational)
meeting (October 15th), but can be offered already during the vacation period. If you chose a
subject during the vacation period, you should volunteer to give your seminar at an early date of
the semester. Please contact the supervisors.

Currently proposed topics: 

2) "Huygens lands on Titan - Lifting the veil"
Lebreton et al., Nature 438, 758-764, 2005
Michael Bird

3)  "Gas around an active galactic nucleus: Integral field spectroscopy of the Circinus Galaxy"
Mueller Sánchez et al., 2006, Astronony & Astrophysics, 454, 481 (astro-ph/0604317)
Thomas Beckert

4)  "MiniBoone results on the masses of cosmological neutrinos (announcement April 11, 2007)"
Peter Biermann

6)  "Disk Galaxies at z~2 observed with SINFONI:

The rapid formation of a large rotating disk galaxy three billion years after the Big Bang"

Genzel et al., Nature 442, 786
Bodo Ziegler

7) "eRosita"
P. Predehl et al., SPIE, 6266, 2006
Thomas Reiprich
(unavailable on 10.12.)

8)  "Radio Emission from the Intermediate-mass Black Hole in the Globular Cluster G1 "
James S. Ulvestad, Jenny E. Greene, Luis C. Ho  ApJ in press
Holger Baumgardt

9) "Chandra and Spitzer observations of triggered star formation in IC 1396"
Getman  et al., 2007, ApJ, 654, 316
Thomas Preibisch
(not available on 22.10., 19.11., 17.12.)

10) "Dark matter maps reveal cosmic scaffolding"
R. Massey et al.,  Nature, 445 (2007) 286
"Large Structures and Galaxy Evolution in COSMOS at z < 1.1 N."
 Scoville et al. - astro-ph/0612384

Frank Bertoldi

14) "Water vapour and hydrogen in the terrestrial-planet-forming region
of a protoplanetary disk resolved with infrared interferometry"
Eisner, 2007, Nature, 447, 562
Stefan Kraus

5) "Constraining the matter power spectrum with Sunyaev-Zeldovich observations"
Rüdiger Kneissl
Dawson et al.,2006,ApJ,647,13; Bond et al.,2005,ApJ,626,12;
Komatsu & Seljak, 2002, MNRAS, 336, 1256.

17) "M31 Transverse Velocity and Local Group Mass from Satellite Velocities"
Andreas Brunthaler
Roeland P. van der Marel (STScI), Puragra Guhathakurta (UCO/Lick)


Holger Baumgardt

Thomas Beckert

Frank Bertoldi

Peter Biermann

Michael Bird

Klaas de Boer

Jürgen Kerp

Ulrich Klein

Rüdiger Kneissl

Pavel Kroupa
(unavailable on the following Mondays: 22.10.07,  03.12.07)

Maria Massi

Karl Menten

Thomas Preibisch

Thomas Reiprich
(unavailable on 10.12.)

Philipp Richter

Peter Schneider