Seminar der Astrophysik / The Astrophysics Seminar


Course #6961   (SS08)

Elective Seminar in Experimental Physics (Advanced Studies), 4 credit points

Wahlpflichtseminar in Experimentalphysik (Hauptstudium)

Mondays, 14 st (14:00) o'clock, HS Astronomy, Auf dem Hügel 71.
(Presentation of topics with all participants begins Monday, 7th April 2008 (at 14:15) in HS of Astronomy.)
Supervised by all astronomy lecturers.
Organizaton: Pavel Kroupa (Tel. 73-6140,

Preparation of Talks:
Material for the seminar is provided by the supervisors (copies of papers, pens, transparencies,
slides, overhead, beamer). If you wish to use a beamer, contact your supervisor in time!

Quality of Talks:
This will be the first time that you encounter up-to-date scientific
literature in the form of research papers. Research papers
are not easy to read, and this is one of the hurdles you will need
to pass on your way to giving the talk.

A research paper typically contains references to other papers. Which of these
you should follow-up will be clarified by talking to your supervisor.
Following-up some of the cited literature will teach you how to navigate the
manifold of professional literature.

The talks ought to be prepared for the benefit of
your fellow students. Therefore this is an excellent chance to
practice your didactic skills. The aim is to communicate science.
Avoid  black  or  blue  backgrounds
  as  these  put  the  audience  to  sleep. 
Avoid  green lines or writing  as  such lines cannot be seen well through an overhead projector.
Best is to use a simple white background with black or blue letters for the writing.

While the talks may be held in German, the supervisors strongly encourage
you to talk in English, as this benefits your training.

A variety of topics are offered:

Presentation of topics P.Kroupa et al.




-- Pfingstmontag --


8) "Flare Observations" Lisa Zimmermann
Maria Massi

10) "Titan's rotation reveals an internal ocean and changing zonal winds" Oskar Fetsch
Mike Bird




1) "Breaking up the Magellanic Group into the Milky Way Halo: Understanding the Local Dwarf Galaxy Properties"
Christine Schulz Pavel Kroupa
2) "A Close Look at Star Formation around Active Galactic Nuclei" Fabian Lueghausen Thomas Beckert

Subjects will be presented by the supervisors (please contact them)
on the first (organizational) meeting (April  7th), but can be offered already during the
vacation period. If you chose a subject during the vacation period, you should volunteer
to give your seminar at an early date of the semester. Please contact the supervisors.

Currently proposed topics: (a "t" in front of the number means the
topis has been taken already):

t1) "Breaking up the Magellanic Group into the Milky Way Halo: Understanding the Local Dwarf Galaxy Properties"
Elena  D'Onghia, ApJ Letters,  2008 (astro-ph/0802.0302)
Supervisor: Pavel Kroupa
(not available from 9.06. until 23.06.08)

t2) "A Close Look at Star Formation around Active Galactic Nuclei"
R. I. Davies et al. 2007, ApJ 671, 1388
Supervisor: Thomas Beckert

3) "Water vapour and hydrogen in the terrestrial-planet-forming region of a
protoplanetary disk resolved with infrared interferometry"

Eisner, 2007, Nature 447, 562
Supervisor: Stefan Kraus

4) "Constraining the matter power spectrum with Sunyaev-Zeldovich observations"
Dawson et al.,2006,ApJ,647,13
Supervisor: Ruediger Kneissl

5) "The standard model of cosmology: latest WMAP results"
e.g. Gold,, arXiv:0803.0715
Supervisor: Ruediger Kneissl

6) "Correlation of ultra high energy cosmic rays with nearby extragalactic objects"

The Auger collaboration,  Science 2007, November 9.
Supervisor: Peter Biermann

7) "The formation of ultra-compact dwarf galaxies and nucleated dwarf galaxies"
Goerdt et al. (2008), MNRAS in press, arXiv:0711.1162
Supervisor: Holger Baumgardt

t8) "Flare Observations"
A. Benz. 2008,Living Reviews in Solar Physics, 5, 1 
Supervisor: Maria Massi

9) "The New Horizons Radio Science Experiment (REX)"
Tyler et al., Space Sci. Rev., in press, 2008.
Supervisor: Michael Bird

t10) "Titan's rotation reveals an internal ocean and changing zonal winds"
Lorenz et al., Science 319, 164, 2008.
Supervisor: Michael Bird

11) "Gravitational Lensing Characteristics of the Transparent Sun"
Patla & Nemiroff 2007, ApJ submitted, arXiv:0711.4811
Supervisor: Olaf Wucknitz

12) "Tight Constraints of Variations of Fundamental Constants from Radio- and (Sub)millimeter Astronomy"
Supervisor: Karl Menten

3) "Do ultraluminous X-ray sources exist in dwarf galaxies?"

astro-ph/0803.1984  (

Supervisor: Juergen Kerp


Supervisor: Holger Baumgardt

Supervisor: Thomas Beckert

Supervisor: Frank Bertoldi

Supervisor: Michael Bird

Supervisor: Klaas de Boer

Supervisor: Robin Dutta-Roy

Supervisor: Hans Fahr

Supervisor: Juergen Kerp

Supervisor: Ulrich Klein

Supervisor: Ruediger Kneissl

Supervisor: Stefan Kraus

Supervisor: Pavel Kroupa
(unavailable on the following Mondays: 09.06.2008, 16.06.2008)

Supervisor: Maria Massi

Supervisor: Karl Menten

Supervisor: Thomas Reiprich

Supervisor: Peter Schneider

Supervisor: Olaf Wucknitz

Pavel Kroupa

E-mail: Pavel K.