Seminar der Astrophysik / The Astrophysics Seminar


Course #6961   (SS 2006)

Elective Seminar in Experimental Physics (Advanced Studies), 6 credit points

Wahlpflichtseminar in Experimentalphysik (Hauptstudium)

Mondays, 14:15 Uhr (c.t.), HS Astronomy, Auf dem Hügel 71.
(Presentation of topics with all participants begins  Monday 3rd April in HS of Astronomy.)
Supervised by all astronomy lecturers.
Organizaton: Pavel Kroupa (Tel. 73-6140,

Preparation of Talks:
Material for the seminar is provided by the supervisors (copies of papers, pens, transparencies,
slides, overhead, beamer). If you wish to use a beamer, contact your supervisor in time!

Quality of Talks:
This will be the first time that you encounter up-to-date scientific
literature in the form of research papers. Research papers
are not easy to read, and this is one of the hurdles you will need
to pass on your way to giving the talk.

A research paper typically contains references to other papers. Which of these
you should follow-up will be clarified by talking to your supervisor.
Following-up some of the cited literature will teach you how to navigate the
manifold of professional literature.

The talks ought to be prepared for the benefit of
your fellow students. Therefore this is an excellent chance to
practice your didactic skills. The aim is to communicate science.

While the talks may be held in German, the supervisors strongly encourage
you to talk in English, as this benefits your training.

A variety of topics are offered:

Presentation of topics
P.Kroupa et al.















Subjects will be presented by the supervisors (please contact them)
on the first (organizational) meeting (April 3rd), but can be offered already during the
vacation period. If you chose a subject during the vacation period, you should volunteer
to give your seminar at an early date of the semester. Please contact the supervisors.

Currently proposed topics: (a "t" in front of the number means the
topis has been taken already)

1) Starspots: A Key to the Stellar Dynamo
Berdyugina 2005, Living Reviews in Solar Physics, vol. 2, no. 8
Supervisor: Maria Massi

2) Jets in neutron star X-ray binaries: a comparison with black holes
Migliari and Fender 2006, MNRAS, 366, 79
Supervisor: Maria Massi

3) A successful targeted search for hypervelocity stars
Yang, van den Bosch et al. (astro-ph/06010
W.Brown et al., 2006, ApJ Letters submitted, astro-ph/0601580
Supervisor: Holger Baumgardt

4) Does the Fornax dwarf spheroidal have a central cusp or core ?
T. Goerdt et al., 2006, MNRAS submitted, astro-ph/0601404
Supervisor: Holger Baumgardt

5) The Alignment between the Distribution of Satellites and the Orientation of their Central Galaxy
Yang, van den Bosch et al. (astro-ph/0601040)
Supervisor: Pavel Kroupa
(not on 10.04., 12.06., 03.07.)

6) From Supermassive Black Holes to Dwarf Elliptical Nuclei: a Mass Continuum
Wehner & Harris 2006 (astro-ph/0603801)
Supervisor: Michael Hilker

7)  Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Three Year Results: Implications for Cosmology
Spergel et al., 2006 (astro-ph/0603449)
Supervisor: Peter Schneider

8)  Huygens lands on Titan - Lifting the veil
Lebreton et al., Nature 438, 758-764, 2005
Supervisor: Robin Dutta-Roy

9) The tenth planet - UB313 (Xena and Gabrielle)
Bertoldi et al., Nature 439, 563-564, 2006
Supervisor: Frank Bertoldi

10)  Bigger, better galaxies - Extended disk of M31
Ibata et al., ApJ 634, 287-313, 2005
Supervisor: Tobias Westmeier

11)  Deep Impact - Collision with Comet 9P/Tempel 1
A'Hearn et al., Science 310, 258-264, 2005
Supervisor: Frank Bench

12)  A year at Saturn - The view from Cassini
Porco et al., Science 307, 1243-1247, 2005
Supervisor: Michael Bird

13)    Exoplanet surprises - First images and more
Rivera et al., ApJ 634, 625-640, 2005

Supervisor: Hans Fahr

14)  Linear Cosmological Structure Limits on Warm Dark Matter
Abazajian, Kevork, 2006 (astro-ph/0512631)
Supervisor: Peter Biermann

15)  Opening a new window for warm dark matter
Asaka, Takehiko; Kusenko, Alexander; Shaposhnikov, Mikhail, 2006 (hep-ph/0602150) 
Supervisor: Peter Biermann

16) The circumnuclear environment of the Circinus galaxy
The Astrophysical Journal, 614, 135
Supervisor: Thomas Beckert

17) A huge accretion burst in a young stellar object
Briceņo et al, 2004, ApJ, 606, L123 
Gibb et al 2006,  ApJ, in press
Supervisor: Thomas Preibisch

17) A hu

18) An X-ray Galaxy Cluster Survey for Investigations of Dark Energy
Haiman et al. (astro-ph/0507013);
Mohr, 2005;
Majumdar & Mohr, 2004, ApJ, 613, 41
Supervisor: Thomas Reiprich


Supervisor: Holger Baumgardt

Supervisor: Thomas Beckert

Supervisor: Frank Bench

Supervisor: Frank Bertoldi

Supervisor: Peter Biermann

Supervisor: Michal Bird

Supervisor: Klaas de Boer

Supervisor: Robin Dutta-Roy

Supervisor: Hans Fahr

Supervisor: Michael Hilker

Supervisor: Juergen Kerp

Supervisor: Ulrich Klein

Supervisor: Maria Massi

Supervisor: Karl Menten

Supervisor: Thomas Preibisch

Supervisor: Thomas Reiprich

Supervisor: Philipp Richter

Supervisor: Peter Schneider

Pavel Kroupa

E-mail: Pavel K.