Summer Semester 2005 (April 1 - September 30)

Title: Introduction to Galactic and Extragalactic X-ray Astronomy

Lecturers: Priv. Doz. Dr. J. Kerp and Dr. T. Reiprich
Place: Radioastronomisches Institut, Auf dem Hügel 71, 53121 Bonn-Endenich Lecture Hall 1.11
Time: Fridays 13:15 - 14:45
Dates: April 11 - July 22, except May 20

Click here for much more information on this course.

Click here for the script of the extragalactic part of the lecture (182 pages, 15 MB, pdf format). The full script will become available soon.

Click here for instructions for the computer lab session (simple reduction and analysis of a Chandra dataset from the Perseus galaxy cluster).

Click here for the students' comments from the lecture evaluation.

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