Argelander Institute for Astronomy, University of Bonn

Seminar on Galaxy Clusters
Every Thursday, room 0.006, 15:00-16:00.

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Date: 2015
Speaker: title
Jan 15
Kathi: Set-up for Cosmological Forecasts with eROSITA
Jan 22
Jan 29
Feb 5
Lorenzo: ASTRO-H White Paper - Clusters of Galaxies and Related Science (arXiv:1412.1176)
Feb 12
Feb 19
Feb 26
ThomasR: Latest cosmological constraints from the Planck SZ clusters and the relations to weak lensing/X-ray mass calibration and neutrino masses
Mar 5
Mar 12
CHEERS meeting
Mar 19
Alberto: The Mystery of Xclass2305
Mar 26
Apr 2
Gerrit: Hydrostatic Mass Determination of the HIFLUGCS Clusters using Chandra
Apr 9
Miriam: Tracking the baryons in galaxy groups using X-ray, lensing and NIR data
Apr 16
Kathi: Including Temperature Information in the eROSITA Cosmology Forecasts
Apr 23
FlorianK: Analysing eHIFLUGCS clusters with XMM-Newton
Apr 30
May 7
May 14
Ascension Day
May 21
Gerrit: a summary of the IACHEC meeting
May 28
Lorenzo: Scaling properties of a complete galaxy group sample
Jun 4
Corpus Christi
Jun 11
Subha Majumdar (guest): Non-gravitational energy feedback in the ICM -- from cluster cores to virial radii
Jun 18
Aarti: Mass observable scaling relations of the APEX-SZ cluster sample
Jun 25
ThomasR: News from WFI@Athena
Jul 2
Bharad: Detailed X-ray properties of galaxy groups and fossil groups
Jul 7
Yuying: Baryon acoustic oscillations revealing the expansion history of the Universe
Jul 9
Jul 16
Miriam: Towards a cluster selection function for eROSITA
Jul 23
Alberto: Exploring the selection of faint blue background galaxies for cluster weak-lensing
Jul 30
Gerrit: Dark Matter in bananas - the 3.5 keV line
Aug 6
Summer break
Aug 13
Summer break
Aug 20
Summer break
Aug 27
Summer break
Sep 3
Sep 10
Athena conference
Sep 17
Farewell party for Lorenzo and Bharad
Sep 24
FlorianK: eHIFLUGCS: scaling properties of an XMM-Newton galaxy cluster sample
Oct 1
Nelly: Project report
Oct 8
Oct 15
ThomasR: Summary on the eROSITA-Bamberg meeting
Oct 22
Sophia: arXiv:1506.06164 - A Uniform Contribution of Core-collapse and Type Ia Supernovae to the Chemical Enrichment Pattern in the Outskirts of the Virgo Cluster
Oct 29
Kathi: Cluster Cosmology with eROSITA
Nov 5
Nov 12
FlorianP: New restuls of the XXL cluster survey
Nov 19
Yuying: The next generation X-ray space telescope eROSITA
Nov 26
Kostas Migkas: Investigating possible anisotropies in the Hubble expansion using SNe Ia
Dec 3
Dec 10
Alberto: Latest news on the 400d Weak Lensing Follow-up
Dec 17
Eftychia Madika: The luminosity function of galaxies in the Coma cluster and in its outskirts

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